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10 Bridal Kalire Designs By The Wedding Planner In India To Have Perfect Look!


Bridal kalire is a significant part of your wedding look. You can achieve an alluring look for your wedding only by adding some important accessories like the kalire. It not only makes you look alluring but also incorporates the traditional element into your beautiful wedding ceremony. The wedding planner in India can open your eyes to some stunning designs of kalires that will help you complete your charming look. Experiment with the unique ideas to keep your wedding have the traditional elements without forgoing your style.

  • Floral Kalires: The wedding planner in Jaipur can make your wedding ooze style and sophistication with the unique floral kalires. The artificial flowers in the design can enhance the wedding theme and color perfectly.

    Floral KaliresImage Source: Google Image

  • Kalires With Ghungroos: Take inspiration from your anklets and use the kalires with beautiful ghugroos that can make you look picture perfect for your wedding day.

  • Umbrella Kalires: Have you chosen quirky design accessories like the umbrella for your wedding ceremony, then the event management company in Jaipur can take it one step further by opting the umbrella-shaped kalires. It offers you a dramatic look that will look stunning.

    Umbrella KaliresImage Source: Google Image

  • Lovely Leaf: Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding created waves due to its style quotient and sophistication. The best wedding planner in Jaipur can choose the leaf style kalires that adorned Deepika’s hands.

  • Pearly Beauty: Brides who like something unique yet charming can choose the pearl designs for their kalires. It goes well with your summer wedding perfectly.

    Pearly Beauty kalireImage Source: Google Image

  • Peacock Design: Want something beautiful yet highly impactful kalire design? Then, the wedding planner in India can opt for the peacock design that looks extravagant with your wedding attire.

  • Kalires With Chunky Balls: Are you a quirky bride? Then, add your unique style to the wedding look with the chic and stylish funky balls kalires. The contemporary design will look good enticing irrespective of the design of your wedding outfit.

    Kalires With Chunky BallsImage Source: Google Image

  • Stone Kalire: The best wedding planner in Jaipur can make you look like a princess on your wedding day by suggesting the stone embellished kalires. You will look stunning as the authentic, attractive, and versatile design of the kalires will capture everyone’s attention.

  • Colorful Kalires: Bored of the same old golden kalires? Add a pop of color to make your wedding look ooze royalty with the red or maroon shade kalires. The golden color along with the red or maroon color will make you look classy without compromising the traditional appeal.

    Colorful KaliresImage Source: Google Image

  • Three-Tier Kalire: For brides who wish for some heavy styling on their wedding day, the event management company in Jaipur can suggest the three-tier kalires. It looks traditional and stunning as you can transform your look completely with the charming accessory. Give your traditional look a creative twist with the beautiful kalires.

Ornaments make the bride look stunning. But, you need the assistance of a professional like the wedding planner in Jaipur to choose the right ones that will make your look timeless. Though it may feel insignificant, the right kalire design not only adds charm to the bride’s look but also creates a trend.

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