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10 Fun Wedding Ideas For Your D-Day


So, you are finally saying a goodbye to your single status. Indian weddings encompass all the rituals and traditions. But, it never means that you have to make it similar to other weddings. You can make your wedding as memorable as possible by steering clear of the rut. Include some innovative and creative aspects in your wedding to provide a spectacular time for your family and friends without forgoing the tradition. Therefore, the wedding planner in Rajasthan can add some interesting ideas to your wedding and amplify the fun factor.

  • Tubing Party: Are you getting married in Goa? The beach wedding can become more enjoyable with the tubing parties. Forget the usual cocktail parties as the wedding planner in Goa can give a creative twist to it. The tubing party can engage all your guest and helps them enjoy every moment.

    Tubing PartyImage Source: Google Image

  • Newspaper Schedules: You may have chosen the gorgeous wedding venues in Jaipur to tie the knot. But, your guests need to know what exactly is happening and where. So, provide a wedding surprise by sensing a rundown of the day’s events. The creative spin-off of the details in the form of in-room newspaper delivery can attract everyone’s attention.

  • Enchanted Entrance : Bridal entry is now the significant factor of the ceremony that can steal the show. Ditch the conventional ways and make a mark. The wedding planner in Rajasthan can come up with creative ideas to make the bridal entry powerful and memorable.

  • Divine Decorations: Decorations can enhance the beauty of the ceremony. You can opt for the wedding venues in Jaipur that needs minimal decoration but has enchanting appeal to it. It will add charm to the wedding ceremony.

  • Exotic Crockery: Everyone likes to enjoy good food. But, the wedding planner in Rajasthan can make the serving of food exciting. How? By serving it in a crockery that looks like artwork.

    Exotic CrockeryImage Source: Google Image

  • Comfortable Footwear: The wedding planner in Goa can make the beach wedding exciting by placing flip-flops or chappals near the venue. It can offer ease of walking and dancing.

  • Photo Booth: The wedding venues in Jaipur can provide an amazing backdrop for some exquisite pictures. But, adding a photo booth to it can make it more stunning. The interesting concepts of photo booth can help you take some candid photos.

  • DJ Request Box: Bored with the music selection? The wedding planner in Rajasthan can avoid any fuss by placing the DJ request box. So, the guests can dance to the tunes they like.

  • Chalk Out: Do you wish to convey your love story to your guests? Then, the wedding planner in Goa can help you by chalking out the story on the blackboard for everyone to read.

  • Placing Advice Cards: Indians love giving advice especially to a newly wedded couple. Why not make it creative? The wedding planner in Goa can set up advice booth or place advice cards in a creative manner.

The main point of the wedding is to get married to your loved one. But, it is also a method to give your guests something to rave about. If you wish to ditch the been-there-done-that methods, then you need professional assistance. The wedding planner in Rajasthan can guide to the amazing ceremony that will blow people’s mind.

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