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10 ways to plan your wedding in budget


Why does a wedding have to be big and fat when it can be frugal and easy? We have a tendency to spend millions of moolah on the wedding which is honestly not required. You can have an amazing wedding without spending too much and stick to a budget. It is simpler, affordable and doesn’t hurt the pocket too. Let’s explore the top 10 ideas where you can plan your wedding on a great budget.

  • Don’t invite people you don’t recognize: We tend to go overboard with the guest list. The number of guests is directly proportional to the expense that you will incur in the long run. It has to be short, crisp and sweet such that you can fit their accommodation, travel and food expenses within your budget. If it is only your close friends and family, the better. Point to be noted here is that you are not obligated to invite everyone you have ever met. So, cut down on the drama, and invite people who mean something to you!

  • Design your own invitation cards: It might sound cheap, but it is not. It is just frugal. You have the latest technology at your disposal and you can print out customized invitations. Make use of the latest wedding invitation trends and design those on your own. It is affordable and helps you add personalized notes on each one of them. How special is that!

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  • Wedding help instead of wedding gifts: Why do you need to call out of recycled wedding gifts anyway? You can get the helpfrom your friends who are photographers or musicians or even decorators who can help you out with the wedding set up. Get team bride and team groom to arrange for paper decorations, making origami, so on and so forth such that it is fun for them as well as you. Getting everybody to participate in the wedding was difficult then, not now!

  • Get your DJ friend to spin the music: If you have been looking for a wedding planner in Goa, that is great. But finding a DJ within your budget can be challenging. Why don’t you ask your friend to spin a few great tracks at your wedding!

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  • Hold a ceremony outdoors or at your home: Given that wedding venues in Jaipur can be slightly on the expensive side, you can organize the event from the comfort of your home. You can create a picture-friendly décor with the help of your friends and have fun too!

  • You can cater yourself or get your chef friends to do the same: Catering is one of the major deals which needs to be taken care of. Get the help of your chef friends and spin out great recipes for your guests. Wouldn’t that be great instead of hiring a wedding planner in Rajasthan?

  • To use or not to use- flowers: You can always go minimal on the flower for yourself and the bridesmaids. Don’t spend loads on it but don’t eliminate it completely. Get in touch with your florist friends to get you a good deal.

  • Do away with return gifts: Why would you do that? It is your day anyway. Focus on making the experience better than hunting for gifts. Say thanks in a special way instead of making it materialistic.

  • Re-bar yourself: If you need to stock up drinks, get it on your own and stock the bar. Even better, you can get your friends to do a bring your own alcohol deal such that nobody gets to complain.

  • Decorations: You can use recycled stuff to decorate the place. Use papers, pinwheels, paper fans and the likes to make it quirky yet stylish. It is affordable and lets everyone participate too!

You can use recycled stuff to decorate the place. Use papers, pinwheels, paper fans and the likes to make it quirky yet stylish. It is affordable and lets everyone participate too!

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