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15 Real Wedding Mandap Décor Ideas you’ll Fall For


The wedding marks one of the most momentous of the occasions in a couple’s life. And to make it extra special, a lot of emphases is given to the decoration aspect in a wedding. To simply put, a successful wedding function is incomplete without an awe-inspiring décor and if there were to be one significant spot to give special attention, it would be a Mandap. A Mandap holds a particular significance, more so in a traditional Indian wedding affair. It is the place where the holy fire is lit up and around which all the sacred oath is taken by the bride and the groom. As with the whole notion of giving a traditional wedding a modern makeover, how can the Mandap décor be left behind. Below are 15 fresh ideas to give the Mandap a true blue enhancement.


                                                         Image Source: Google Image

1. A Garden View Environment

Imagine your wedding taking place in a lush green garden in a high-fi resort. What better than to infuse the nature’s color into your wedding and giving it a beautiful contrast. With a circular structure forming the core of the Mandap and beautiful amalgamation of roses at the top, it surely should be made into a reality.


                                                                   Image Source: Google Image

2. Sticking To Tradition

Taking a more traditional route by carving out pillars by stacking colorful Kalash as(pots filled with water), bright coloured genda phool (marigold flower), garlands of mango and banana leaves – a symbol of sacredness and coconuts rounding off a traditional outlook to a Mandap.


                                                                Image Source: Google Image

3. Soothing Undertone of White and Pink

Another cool idea for setting up a mandap is by incorporating a more feminine touch by bringing in the ever so pleasing to the eye white color with the help of using white lilies, white roses contrasting it with the color pink to represent the bridal touch.Soothing-Undertone-Of-White-And-Pink-mandap-decoration

                                          Image Source: Google Image

4. A Mandap with a Gorgeous Lake as Backdrop

When it comes to setting a gorgeous backdrop, what better than heading to a beautiful place like Udaipur, with its vast source of lakes and setting up a mandap at a lakeside resort should be considered thoroughly.


                                                Image Source: Google Image

5. A Royal Touch to the Mandap

A wedding mandap gave a royal stroke with the mandap being sculpted like old day Raja Maharaja Swayamwar kind of a setup. High Chair for the couple and a royal fire place in the middle of this mandap, truly elevates the whole feel.


                                                          Image Source: Google Image

6. A Mix of Radiant Gold and Calming White

White and Yellow, a combination made in heaven and this combination is what gives this particular Mandap its heavenly feel.


Image Source: Google Image

7. Wedding On The Beach

This could be a great idea keeping in mind the whole destination wedding scenario. Couple the mandap and the beach and you get a great fusion wedding.


Image Source: Google Image

8. Red &White and Lots of Love

The color red symbolizes love and the white brings in the quieting influence. Chairs laid out in white and tons of red roses and let the feeling of love ooze out.Red &White and Lots of Love

Image Source: Google Image

9. Another Beautiful Outdoor

The color Purple is always associated with royalty and luxury. Use the color to design a circular dome-shaped covering and it’ll prove to be your dream design!


Image Source: Google Image

10. An Evening Wedding

Choose a little community center or a hall and make the mandap more exquisite by using a well-decorated chandelier. Enjoy the evening!


Image Source: Google Image

11. Orange Themed Mandap

Abundant use of Marigold flowers mixed with white and red, set against a dark environ could be an amazing choice if you have a thing for orange! Marry a wife, royal style!


Image Source: Google Image

12. Another Occasion for Indoor Wedding

A mixture of purple and gold and you get royalty overloaded for your wedding.


Image Source: Google Image

13. Rich Blue Feel Mandap

Blue, a color synonymous with loyalty, trust and stability, can be the perfect color to bedeck your mandap and make it the most apt choice for all! Go blue!


Image Source: Google Image

14. Bright Yellow Makes a Mandap Extra Bright

The color yellow means quite a lot like happiness, optimism, honor and make your mandap all the more exciting for the couple. Even your friends and relatives would love the brightness you add the color! Try it!


Image Source: Google Image

15. A Trail Of Roses on the Way

Imagine yourself going to the mandap on a red carpet covered by roses and oh my god, the soft scent surrounded all over. Sounds tempting, isn’t it!


Image Source: Google Image

These are some of the timeless décor ideas for the perfect mandap for the wedding couple. Tell us which one among the above is your favorite! Contact our experts to design your wedding mandap.

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