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7 Things to Keep In Your Mind When Selecting Your Wedding Outfit


What is that one big contributing factor in making your personality unique compared to others? It’s your sense of personal fashion with respect to the outfit you wear. Fashion has a lot of connotations for a different individual. For me, fashion could mean to express my inner self to the world, for someone else it could mean to set a trend for the herd to follow. Likewise, fashion has captured the imagination of one and all and as a result, it has brought about a sense of belongingness to the common people.


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Another fascinating bit of truth about fashion is that with the change of time and the progression of generation, it has taken up different avatars.

Thus fashion doesn’t only belong to a particular season but it has risen through to give a particular event its own individuality. You must have seen and heard about summer fashion, winter fashion, and fashion for a festival and wedding fashion. Yes, Wedding Fashion does exist!!And in a multi-ethnic country like India, it is bound to be a colossal phenomenon.

Whether it is your bosom friend’s wedlock ceremony or you wanting to dress as the best man or be it your own wedding, you need to have the perfect look that captures the eye! So here’s a sneak peak of some key points that’ll help you dress the best for a wedding occasion.


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1. Body Matters!

You are your best or worst, critic and this adage would prove to be a massive boon for you to choose the best attire for that big wedding. Knowing your body type helps you pick the right outfit.


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2. Everything’s Available Online

Make the Internet your best buddy and use it as your primary weapon to help you see through tons of different designs that help you get inspiration, be it man or woman. You deserve to look the best!


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3. Be Your Own Designer

When it comes to fashion, don’t feel shy to give some wings to your imaginative mind. If looking unique is your prime focus, don’t just sit and think, make and do.

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4. Women Love Magazines

Now, this is something for the woman folk. A woman from a very early point of time in their lives have a hang of reading various fashion magazines and thus they can look for some fashion stimulation by referring to such magazines to know what is trending and what not.


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5. Why Should Boys Have All The Fun!

Being a woman certainly brings some key advantages as far as fashion is concerned and belonging to a country like India, this advantage of getting to choose a wide array of wedding garbs makes any girl drool. Be it the Shahi Jodhpuri Lehenga, or a gorgeous Banarasi Silk Saree or something very intricate like Mysore Silk, the list goes endlessly and yet it never ceases to amaze.


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6. Fashion and Men

Why should girls have all the fun? Men too get to wear some exquisite piece of wedding apparel from the classic tux to a designer sherwani to a more traditional chikankari kurta from the land of the imperial Lucknow. Truly men too get spoilt for choices.


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7. Accessorize Your Outfit

A lot of emphases is given to the outfit bit, how can the accessory be overlooked. Be it a plush Kundan work set or precious stones and all time favorite of a woman, the sparkling diamond mixed with royal gold, for certain the glamorous touch will make you stand out. Not to forget a classy wristwatch that makes any guy look like a true gentleman.


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How can the big wedding day be wasted by not dressing your best and I am sure that the next time when you go to choose your wedding attire, keep the above points in mind and make yourself a fashion diva irrespective of your gender.

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