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7 Wedding Ideas You Might Have Never Heard Of!


Weddings tend to be unique every time. You never know who spins what twist on their own big day to make it one of a kind. Top wedding planners need to be paid appropriate credit for sitting through grueling sessions that make your wedding day the best of the lot. A destination wedding demands that you make it special and beautiful, otherwise it falls flat even if the destination is exotic. Therefore, do not let your wedding day get plain jane simple, but amplify the fun quotient of it with multiple and unique ideas that have not been, been there done that.

  • Do away with traditional creamy cakes: Unique quirky cakes that have “awesome” written all over it is what you need to ask your wedding planner in Udaipur to get. Make a cake out of the flavors that you like instead of getting an age-old three-tiered idea. How about a tower of Oreo cookies that replace the traditional?

    Oreo cookies that replace the traditionalImage Source: Google Images

  • Paint away: If you are one of the couples that bond over colors, what better than an artist to get to your wedding. Let a painter paint the entire ordeal of your wedding or the guests getting their individual portraits done? A caricature is one of a kind and fun too. Get your top wedding planner in India to find that amazing artist and have them flown down to the destination for a fun wedding.

  • Surprise your guests with a wedding: Invite them for an occasion that can act as a front in an exotic destination such as Udaipur. Your guests shouldn’t have any clue about the wedding, and pop, get the ball rolling. A surprise wedding is one of the top picks of the wedding planners in Udaipur and it has worked wonder when it comes to wooing the guests.

    Surprise your guests with a weddingImage Source: Google Images

  • No phones, no gifts just you: Weddings are meant to hold your attention. Top wedding planners in India came up with a theme where you are not allowed your phone for the ceremony or the reception. Imagine, you are in Udaipur with the best friends getting married and you are sitting there tapping away on Facebook. Ditch that.

  • Meanwhile, enjoy the cocktails: It is normal for people to be anxious at the weddings. Be a thoughtful host and calm those nerves down with exotic cocktails which can be the ticket to a fun evening. Get your guests treated with the best butler hospitality. Wedding planners in Udaipur have nailed the scene.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the cocktailsImage Source: Google Images

  • Beautiful quirky decor: Everybody does flowers. Everybody does chandeliers. But it is not everything. Top wedding planners have resorted to using different kinds of pompoms and tassels which enhance the decoration by multiple times and make it stand out. Plus, it saves you extra bucks.

  • Fun food: Decide on a theme and make your food as quirky as possible. It needs to be interesting, tasty and everything unexpected. You could hire a mixologist, a world-renowned chef, and even make ice-cream with liquid nitrogen for that dramatic effect. It is always worth it.

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