Top 10 wedding planner and event Management Company in Jaipur

Are You Going To Hire the Best Wedding Planner in Jaipur?


Wedding ceremonies are the most cherished moments in the life of marriage couple; not only the bride and groom but the family members also want to make each moment great in all respects. Wedding ceremony is taken as the showcase to socially display the marriage vows and the couple entering in to marital life. In modern life style, wedding ceremony has become the status symbol also; everyone wants to make it most impressive but the budget constraints often put limitations on shaping up the plans. Here comes the role of wedding coordinator and wedding planner. Jaipur as being the prime wedding destination in India hosts numbers of event organizers with adequate experience but hiring an event management company in Jaipur with specialization in wedding management is a challenge for the most of couples.

  • Fixing The Role Of Wedding Planner Is An Art: Jaipur offers plenty of options to make the wedding grand show picturizing the plans and dreams of couple and family members but it is not possible without hiring the best wedding planner in Jaipur. As the importance of hiring the best wedding event planner is being accepted socially better than ever before, the responsibilities of wedding planner are also increasing to justify the expectations of clients. The ultimate experience of hiring a wedding event planner depends upon the shared responsibilities; to enjoy the wedding ceremonies at the most being stress free, you must fix the responsibilities by making everything clear in black and white leaving no scope for last minute hassle or confusions. What are the key responsibilities of wedding event organiser in Jaipur?

  • Create a master plan: The wedding planner is expected to create a master plan taking all the concerns for wedding date, best wedding venues in Jaipur, seating arrangements, transportation, wedding destination, budgeting, schedules etc.

  • Consultation with client and vendors: Wedding planner is expected to consult with clients and vendors to make the plans working well. The responsibility of selecting the best performing vendors lies with wedding planner. As the wedding date draws closer, wedding planner tack the vendors and their plans ensuring everything goes smooth as per plans.

  • Ensuring All the Contracts to Be in Order: From booking the venue to hiring the best DJ, wedding management requires multiple contracts, payments and deposits. Wedding planner is expected to do all these tasks ensuring no understanding gap in contracts.

  • Key Skills Of Wedding Planner You Must Look For: The wedding planner must have certain skills. Some wedding planners have specific qualification while some wedding planners perform well even without having any formal certification. Discussions with the shortlisted wedding planners helps you judge his knowledge level, expertise and capability. The shortlisted wedding planner must have following skills:

    Key Skills Of Wedding Planner You Must Look For
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  • Creating budgets for specific theme wedding

  • Working within budgets

  • Negotiation with vendors like florist, caterer, invitation company, graphics designers, decorator etc.

  • Understanding and preparing contracts

  • Up to-date knowledge of the latest wedding trends

  • Managing last minute unexpected requirements

  • Can You Hire Wedding Management Company In Low Budget Also?: It is a great misconception in India that hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator is a costly affair while it is not so. As the Jaipur is riding high as the most popular wedding destination in Rajasthan for royal theme wedding, the numbers of wedding planners are also increasing; it make the trade competition tough. To impress the clients with their knowledge during initial stage discussion is the primary task but the kill to plan according to the available budget makes the difference. All the top ranking event organisers in Jaipur are flexible even in accepting the low value contracts. To keep the hiring of best wedding planner in Jaipur under your budget, you must follow following five tips:

  • Do detailed homework

  • Track your own favorites to whom you know or have referrals from local relatives

  • Prepare the list of priorities for the first meeting; for example venue, menu, theme etc.

  • Tell the maximum budget for each event and task like for pre wedding, ring ceremony, guest lodging, reception etc.

  • Limit the responsibilities; for example, you can finalize and purchase the wedding dress yourself

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