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Best Flower Decoration Ideas in Jaipur


Decorating a wedding mandap or an aisle is one of the best possible jobs when it comes to organizing a wedding. Putting those patterns together; weaving the flowers into a cohesive structure, making the place look breathtaking is what your wedding decorator in Jaipur aims for.

A wedding decorator in Jaipur leaves no stones unturned to make your day a beautiful one. Be it contacting the vendor for a good floral deal in terms of exotic flowers such as orchids, lilies, rare roses and the likes, or spinning magic with their fingers to compliment the sheer magnificence of the venue, they have it all under control.

Best Flower Decoration Ideas in Jaipur

The raging flower patterns that have been making rounds in the wedding circuit as of now comprise a plethora of options. A garland-draped ceiling that gives a look and feel of a far nomadic region or an intriguing weave of ferns or boxwoods can help you achieve a magical setup. A floral fountain set amidst the garden that has a pattern that spells beauty, is nonetheless, one of the favorites among the wedding decorators in Jaipur.

A floral backdrop as a wall which gives your guests to mess around and have fun with quirky poses and signs is one of the best moments you can have at your wedding. Imagine yourself with your bridal gang all dressed up in fineries and donning all your bridal awesomeness in front of that wall which would be embossed in several memories to come. Not that there is anything like it! Floor to ceiling decorations are trending and your wedding decorator in Jaipur is hardly going to miss it.

Topiaries are an inevitable part of the weddings. Present since the Victorian era, these installations have been making their presence felt ever since their inception. A look straight out of a wonderland, topiaries have the advantage of allowing your wedding decorator in Jaipur incorporates various flowers in one single installation. Mix and match to get the best decoration in place for your wedding.

Whoever said that it is just flowers that have been in the zone are missing the beauty of leaves too! Kale, ferns, and several green foliages can be paired with unusual flower colors such as purple, violets, and magenta, to accentuate the bouquet or the corsage. With a contrasting hue, it can be pretty too! If as a bride you are adventurous with the color of your lehenga or that dress, it is time you suggest your wedding decorator in Jaipur to experiment with the flower decoration too.

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Hanging pomanders, a cakey staircase display, a fruit accent, unusual proteas, and plants that act as air purifiers, lampshade centerpieces, and so much more are in the game available for exploration. Move over the traditional garlands and experiment with new designs, which are unique and beautiful in their own peculiar way. Subtle or contemporary, minimalistic designs or even flashy, choose whichever makes your wedding day shine as bright as it can! After all, it is one special day, just once in a lifetime!

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