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Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Rajasthan


Today, a wedding is much more than the union of two people. It is a channel to exhibit your love as a couple in the most creative and unique way. Everyone wishes to include the latest trends in their wedding to make it as stylish as possible. One of the trends is to photograph or record each moment of the wedding journey. Using the latest video invitation or drone photography the love between the couple is captured with perfection for the world to see. No wedding is complete without the pre-wedding photo shoot. So, a couple tries to find the most beautiful and exotic locations that can act as the perfect backdrop for the photoshoot. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can help you find some of the most stunning locations in Rajasthan to make your photoshoot look different and mesmerizing. Here are some of the locations acting as the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot.

    • Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer: Want to get close to nature while showing the love you have for each other? Then, the sand dunes in Jaisalmer can serve the purpose. The wedding event planner can find a professional photographer with the knowledge and creative skill to direct the shoot with ease. By choosing the perfect lighting and angles, you can get the exclusive photos in the most unusual setting like the desert with perfection.

      Sand Dunes, JaisalmerImage Source: Google Image

    • Udai Vilas: Your wish to feel like a royal bride is easy to realize with the assistance of the wedding decorator in Jaipur. The pre-wedding photo shoot in Udai Vilas located near Lake Pichola is extravagant and sophisticated.

    • The Nahargarh Fort: Situated near the edges of the majestic Aravalli hills, the fort can become the perfect backdrop for your exquisite wedding shoot. The beauty of the place can blow your mind away. The wedding event planner can make all the arrangement for a hassle-free photoshoot.

The Nahargarh FortImage Source: Google Image

  • Dadhikar Fort: The picturesque location of the photoshoot can pave the way to getting the most impressive photoshoot. Every corner of the place oozes with charm and elegance. The wedding decorator in Jaipur makes use of the beauty of the spectacular architecture of the fort that blends with the mountains. Therefore, the photos in your pre-wedding shoot album reflect the love, charm, and beauty.

  • Albert Hall Museum: The wedding event planner can suggest something unique for your pre-wedding photoshoot like Albert Hall Museum. Located in Jaipur, the location is well-loved by history geeks. But, it also has mesmerizing sunsets. You can opt for the exterior portion of the location to make a brilliant and exotic backdrop. The natural elements ass grace to your photo album. So, you get the most beautiful pictures that can stun people.

    Albert Hall MuseumImage Source: Google Image

The pre-wedding photo shoot is a must in today’s wedding. With it gaining a lot of momentum, you cannot skip it. The best photoshoot can take your wedding celebration to a new level. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can take the worry of finding the perfect location off your shoulders. With the perfect location that meets your wedding theme, you get gorgeous pictures that you can save the memories for a lifetime. You can show the bond as a couple in the most romantic and creative way to the whole world.

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