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Bridal Entry Ideas That Have an Impact!


Weddings are always amazing! The feats, the functions, the people and the grandeur scream sheer elegance. However, among all these humdrum and organized chaos, the most breath taking moment is when the bride makes her entrance. There is not a single head in the room that doesn’t turn to watch her tread the path of her new life.

Destination weddings or a local one, the bridal entry holds a major significance. After all, it was the moment everyone was waiting for! Gone are the days when it was just a couple of family member accompanying the bride from the green room to her groom. Wedding planners in India have come up with innovative ideas to make the entrance a special one


For starters, we recommend hiring a wedding planner in India for your wedding. In case of a destination scenario such as Jaipur, get in touch with a reputed wedding planner in Jaipur to organize the set up for you. As per a survey, wedding planners in Jaipur have curated multiple ideas that have been trending over the past couple of months. Let’s have a look.

    • Customized floral Chaadars: Live your ultimate Bollywood dream as you make your grand entrance under the Phoolon ki Chaadar custom made just for you! Most of the wedding planners in India tend to co-ordinate the colors with your outfit or the venue theme. Pastel hues, exotic flowers, and a superior design should amplify the oomph factor in your entrance.


Fairy lights: Want to look dreamy and live your princess’ dream? Get hold of that wedding planner in Jaipur and customise your entrance with fairy lights! Fairy lights make everything awesome. Tiny, yet so impactful, it is just way too magical to be ignored. A unique way to make that grand entrance, fairy lights is the way to go.


Love Vintage?: Your never-ending love for vintage can be channelized to make your wedding entrance a memorable one. Rent that car you always dreamed of. Or that bike you always wanted to ride. Hop onto one and ride on in style till your groom. Want to make it even more special? How about your brother drives you in! Top it up with a quirky quote on the front. Swag and style personified, you go girl!


Dance away to the Mandap: The only people who tend to be as excited as the bride on her grand day are her bridesmaids. Co-ordinate your steps and shake that leg on your way to the Mandap. A crazy entry style that guarantees to inspire awe and make it an event to remember. Ditch the shy bride in you. Go bold and own that aisle!


Traditional much?:

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. But how many of us will settle for a queen? Exactly! Get a palki organized for you. A beautiful, embellished royal palki you can sit on, be carried around by your brothers and cousins. A wonderful and emotional event, this one is going to make your heart flutter every time you think of it.



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