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Candle Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day


Are your planning to tie the knot with your sweetheart? Then, you may have dreams about a romantic set up to start the next phase of your life. Your wedding setting must exude the essence of romance you have for your sweetheart. The wedding decor is the most important aspect of your big day, so what can you do to make it memorable? The wedding planner in Jaipur can offer a minimalistic design with candles that imbibes the sensuality and romance. The calming visual setting adds sophistication and elegance to your wedding decoration. The stunning candle designs add a romantic charm to your beautiful day while the lighting set apart the appeal of your wedding. Look into the ingenious candle decorations to make the event one of the most charming and memorable one.

Candle Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day

  • Vintage Style Candle Design: The old style designs always hold an alluring appeal as it never goes out of fashion. The vintage design suggested by event management company in Jaipur will take you back to the old times to touch the hearts of people. The Gatsby-style candle decoration in beautiful vases can attract the attention of your guests and take everyone down the memory lane. The beautiful candles in the vintage style will make the event nostalgic.

  • Recycled Candle Stands: The best wedding planner in Jaipur can recycle the old bottles to make exquisite designs to enhance the beauty of the decor. The old stands are transformed into an elegant candle stand design by painting the bottle and sealing it. It is the most classic design that adds exquisiteness to the wedding decor without spending too much.

  • Wagon Wheel Decoration: Intrigued by the design? The wedding planner in Jaipur can use the DIY idea to convert an old design into a spectacular decoration while you exchange the vows. The creative design converts the old wagon wheel into a stunning chandelier in which the candles are used inside the mason jars. The rustic yet impressive design will wow the guests.

  • Candle With Sand And Sea: Are planning a beach wedding? Then, the event management company in Jaipur can offer the stunning décor that works close to the beach. The candle, sand, and locally collected flora placed in a flat bottom glass or mason jars to create an out-of-the-box wedding décor that will make your wedding stand out from others.

  • Flowers And Candles: Sounds simple, isn’t it? But, it is the most beautiful decoration idea that will make an impact on the ambiance of your wedding. The best wedding planner in Jaipur can use flowers like rose or lavender to turn the simple candle design into a stunning masterpiece. The intricate attention to the details will make your family and friends go gaga over it.

    Flowers And Candles

The candle has an eternal charm that evokes romance in everyone, so it is the fitting option for your wedding reception or main ceremony. The different colors, designs, and creative types of vessels to hold it offers multitude option to enhance the beauty of the wedding. The professional and creative wedding planner in Jaipur can create a heart touching ambiance to the memorable event of your lifetime.

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