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Car Decoration Ideas


Wedding car decoration is an obligatory tradition. Every bride dreams of her groom arriving in a royal ride. Gone are the days when grooms took a stroll on ghodis. Today grooms prefer to arrive in luxury cars like BMW, Mustangs and VW Beetles. Top 10 wedding planners in India treat the grooms with extravagance according to the budget of the wedding.

When you finalize your royal ride with the wedding planner in India, they use all the means to jazz it up. They try to match the car décor with the venue décor and make it special for the bridal couple.

Earlier the car décor was all about full flower coverage, but now, the best wedding planner in India have trendy ideas for the embellishment. The cars are decorated with balloons, imported flowers, ribbons, and various other ornamentations. Nowadays, the cars are given classic touch with various decorative ideas.

The wedding car decors ideas are dainty enough to add great pictures to your wedding diaries as well. From the arrival of the groom to the vidaii scene, each moment captured with the wedding car becomes an elegant affair.

Here are some of the car decoration ideas trending with the top 10 wedding planners in India;

  • Minimalistic car decoration: For the grooms who hire high-class cars like Mercedes, Audi, BMWs do not like full coverage decorations. The cars are so rich and elegant in their appearance that they require minimalistic decorations only. minimal trails of flowers with some twigs- specifically white tulips or orchids add to the elegance of the car and looks impressive.

    Minimalistic car decorationImage Source: Google Image

  • Bouquet decoration: For Christian weddings, this type of decoration iscommon. The car is decorated with minimalistic bouquets of flowers to match with the bride’s bouquet. Though it is not specifically for a Christian wedding only, however,the trend sticks to these marriages.

  • Classic bouquet with trails: When the bouquet is not enough, trails of minimalistic flowers are added to make it look graceful. Some of the best wedding planners in India use these decorations for the royal style weddings.

    Classic bouquet with trailsImage Source: Google Image

  • Bumper frame décor: Sometimes only the bumper frame of the car is decorated with fresh lilies, tulips, and roses. It looks eye-catching and splendid. This type of decoration does not look fussy at all and adds to the beauty of the luxurious car.

  • Decorate the boutinare: It may sound surprisingly weird but many people like to decorate the boutinare of the car to stand it out from other cars. This decoration style is minimalistic and stylish. It is used by the high-class wedding professionals these days. The boutinare is either decorated with a small bouquet or just some lilies or roses with ribbons.

    Decorate the boutinareImage Source: Google Image

  • Rear wedding car décor: Just like the bumper decoration, rear wedding is used nowadays for the just married couples. The decoration is done with trails of flowers, balloons or with a “Just Married” slogan on the rear.

Car decoration has become minimalistic with modern ideas that makes them sophisticated. The wedding planners in India come up with newer ideas of car decoration to make you royal ride with Prince charming a dream come true!

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