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Destination Wedding: A New Trend of the Season


A wedding is a pure ceremony where two peoples are united forever in marriage. There are different wedding traditions depending upon cultures, religion, caste, and countries. Many weddings are followed by a reception. The couples wear special clothes on their special day. Nowadays destination wedding is in trend. Most of the couples are planning to exchange marriage vows in a beautiful place in a beautiful way. Jaipur is a pink city and it is well-known for its palaces and castle where kings and queens used to live earlier. Hence many couples are planning to have a destination wedding in Jaipur in those castles and palaces. It gives a royal feeling to a wedding. A prestigious venue at a wedding has become very popular. Everyone wants to create their wedding the most memorable day of their life and hence the couples are hiring a destination wedding planner in Jaipur. The destination wedding planner in Jaipur is on high demand. The destination weddings are mostly hosted in an exotic location by the wedding planners at a reasonable cost.

The reasons behind the growth of a destination wedding are as follows:

  • You can say “I do” anywhere: In a destination wedding, the most exciting part is that you can marry in a most exotic location 100 miles away from where you live with your near and dear ones.

  • Different venue: At a destination wedding you can wed away from your hometown and do not have to choose from the same old venues where your relatives and friends have booked.

  • Easy and less planning: In destination wedding, the couples have to make less planning i.e they only have to select the venues and the rest are taken care by the wedding planner that they have hired such as booking accommodations and airfares.

  • More affordable: Destination weddings are more affordable than a traditional wedding. Destination wedding includes meals, long stay, activities and another wedding ceremony in a single package. Most of the resort also offers wedding packages which may include every facility that you want in reasonable rates.

  • Quality vs. Quantity: At a destination wedding you can cut off all unnecessary guests you don’t want and most of the guests will also not attend a wedding which takes hours of travel. So you can spend quality time with your close friends and relatives.

  • Best vacation: When you plan for a destination wedding it actually becomes a wedding cum vacation for you and also for your family. So a destination wedding is actually the best vacation you can gift to yourself if you are a workaholic.

  • Exploring new places: Destination wedding gives you an opportunity to explore new places which becomes a driving force behind happiness.

  • Beautiful wedding photographs: At a destination wedding you can actually show off the beautiful location in your wedding photographs.

    Beautiful wedding photographsImage Source: Google Image

  • Start the honeymoon early: At a traditional wedding, most of the time goes away in meeting the guests. But in a destination wedding, many resorts and hotels also offer an extended honeymoon to the bride and groom on their wedding night at a reasonable price after the guest has gone. So you can start your honeymoon early with your beloved right after the wedding.

  • Guest can save a vacation: Most of the hotels and resorts offer discounted room rates for your guest. Discounted airfares are also offered by some for the airlines for groups of 10 or more than that. Hence guest can save a vacation.

  • Save in decor: Limited decorations are required in destination wedding as the location which you have selected act as a theme.

    Save in decorImage Source: Google Image

Hence a destination wedding is less stressful than a traditional wedding and they are in a growing trend nowadays. So if you are planning for a destination wedding in Jaipur then don’t forget to hire a destination wedding planner in Jaipur which will definitely guide you to make your wedding memorable.

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