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Events are a part of our lives be it a corporate event or a private event. We all want the best event at the best budget. Nowadays destination weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, birthday party, theme party, product launch and many more events are the latest trends. So for that, it is very important to have the best event management company so that they can make the best event in order to satisfy the clients. We know that Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. It is the most beautiful place and it is known as the pink city of palaces and castles. So anyone would want to organize their events in that place especially in those palaces and castles where the kings and queens use to live earlier. So there is a great demand of the event management companies in Jaipur. The event management companies in Jaipur provide the following services like wedding planning, destination wedding planning, corporate events, brand promotions, birthday party, theme party, comedy shows, events in colleges and schools, conference and exhibitions, movie promotion, light decorations, sangeet, catering facilities etc. They also provide the clients with well behaved and trained staffs who will handle the events and also provides the clients with the best event manager who will help to execute the events by discussing with the clients and gathering information about the vision of the event to be organized and providing the best budget to the clients. Jaipur is undoubtedly the most romantic places and it is, therefore, are chosen by most of the client as an event venue. They try to make the event according to the taste and preferences of the clients and they also add their personal touch to the event.

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Points to be considered while choosing an event management company:

  • General experience: while choosing an event management company it is very important to look at the general experience of the company and also the past events they have organized.

  • Relevant experience: It is not possible for any company to be specialized in all areas. So it is better to look for a company which has a specific expertise in what you need.

  • Qualification: Nowadays many colleges are offering event management courses. It is very important to know the qualification of the staffs working in the event management company.

  • Testimonials: Make sure to see some testimonials of the clients they have worked with before selecting an event management company.

  • Proper insurance: Make sure that the company is properly insured so that in case of an accident they can cover up the losses.

  • Vibe: It is very important to see that whether you are getting the right attention and good behavior from the event company for your events. If you are not getting a good vibe it should not be selected.

  • Registration: As an event management company it is very important to be registered under the Companies Act and if it is a partnership business a stamp paper of 500 rupees mentioning mutual terms and conditions are to be registered in court.

Some documents required for an event management company are:

  • Pan card

  • Bank account

  • GST registration

If the business shows as a celebrity management or event management or artist management then TDS is 10% and if the same thing is done manpower on hire or labor charges then TDS is 2% as per law.

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Here are some of the Event management companies in Jaipur.

  • People’s choice event and entertainment Inc: It is located in Lal Kothi, Jaipur. It was founded in 2008 in Jaipur. They a birthday party, wedding, fashion shows, and jewelry exhibition according to the client’s taste and preferences.

  • Stardom convention: It is located in Jaisinghpura, Jaipur. They provide you with the perfect setting for your events and the perfect site for your occasion. They create corporate events, social gatherings, cocktail receptions, formal parties, and celebrations.

  • The wedding lounge: It is located in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. They plan a Birthday party, destination wedding, theme party, Bollywood night, corporate events, hospitality management, hotel management, and holiday packages.

  • PANACHE EVENTS PVT LTD: It is located in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. Their services include wedding planning, accommodation arrangements corporate events, gala dinner, fashion events, celebrity management, concerts and exhibition management.

  • Celebration Events: It is located in Chandpole, Jaipur. They organize a wedding, concert, birthday party, stage show, magic show, dance show, comedy show etc. They try to make your event memorable.

So the event management companies are in great demand nowadays in order to help the clients to organize the best event which will be memorable for the rest of their life.

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