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Tons of couples searches for different and distinct wedding ideas for their ceremony.This has become very important for everyone to have one unique and a hit idea that makes their wedding day go more special. Food Station probably one of the part of their wedding arrangement that is more into fashion now. The combination of fancy decorum with the delicious food is a real treat for everyone. So just try to find out which food station idea suits for you.


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Grazing Table

This concept of wedding food serves cold meat, bread, and fruits. The trick is to ensure deliciousness with each and every bite of the meal. You could also let your guest to create their own dishes and appetizer. The decadent style of grazing table could be the perfect choice for having the beautiful rustic ambiance that goes with your rustic style wedding.


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Pizza Buffet

Pizza is not that food that comes immediately into your mind when you think of wedding day food. But, the tasty treat of Pizzas, sometimes mixed with other traditional food gives a different feeling. You could let the guest pick their own topping and wait for getting them truly impressed by all your arrangements.


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Nachos/Taco Bar

It would be great to have the wedding food in the Mexican fiesta style. You could have a taco or nacho or both food bars with a combination of margarita on the top, which makes the wedding night dinner just perfect for all your guest. The Mexican food would be amazingly delicious for hours and none of your guest could get over it for a way long time.


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Dessert Bar

The dessert tables with amazingly delicious cakes are becoming one of the best choice for many couples and guests. Some couples just replace cakes with other kind of desserts as well. Imagine a table with full of sweet flavoured cakes, pastries, and brownies.


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Trial Mix

Instead of having a candy bar or any other kind of tradition bar, you could have the trial mix bar. You could have the apothecary jar containers to be filled with dried fruit and other nuts with a variety of sweets to go for a custom created bar. You could also present your guest with your own personalized bags having your name and special day date.

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Sushi Food Station

Sushi is the one fun food that gives a mouthful of delicious bites with its sushi roll and rice paper roll. Offering a mini boxes of this very own authentic sushi noodles flavoured with other different sushi food item to choose from would give your guest a glorious feeling.Sushi-Food-Station

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Popcorn Station

Probably, one of the hottest food station of today’s generation, Popcorn station could be the one for you. This could serve as a light snacks during the fera as well and could be taken anywhere anytime by all your guest. You could also serve popcorn with several flavoured toppings on it, which makes them even more delicious.Popcorn-Station

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If you are still unsure about your wedding food then connect with us for finding out what suits for your wedding day.

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