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Food trend ideas for your wedding


The one thing that every guest looks atan Indian wedding is the FOOD! Earlier, Indian weddings restricted themselves to local caterers and cuisines, however over the time, a lot has changed. The wedding planner in India collaborates with five star and designated chefs to curate the menu and offer a scrumptious meal to the guests. These days there are no wedding that has not witnessed multi-cuisine menu and a lavish buffet.

According to the latest updates by a wedding planner in Jaipur, most of the destination wedding hosted in the five-star hotels have a designer menu for the guests. The caterers have redefined the catering with immaculate food items and artistic desserts. Other than the food items, caterers have designed the style of serving food as well. Here are some unique ideas that you may ask your caterer to follow for a unique wedding menu.

  • Heavy snacks with smaller bites: According to the wedding planner in Goa, gone are the days of spring rolls and kebabs. This year the Indian wedding will witness heavier snacks with smaller bite sizes. Considering the health element and replacing the idea of the main course, caterers have introduced the trend of pass around buffets. Lasagnas, risottos, pasta, rumali roti shots are some of the heavier main course menus which will be seen in bite-size dishes for the hi-tea. This idea not only looks classy but also fills your appetite with vividly. Guests get to taste a variety of food items without feeling the guilt of wasting food.

    Heavy snacks with smaller bitesImage Source: Google Image

  • Customized refreshments: Gone are the days when wedding planner in India served only colas and fruit juices for refreshments. The baratis and the guests are now greeted with customized drinks and refreshments. The wedding planner in Rajasthan recently curated amazing customized drinks according to individual tastes from the bride and groom’s side. There was “Dulhan ka favorite,” “dadima ki choice,” Groom’s favorite Iced tea and bridesmaid bubbly drinks on the counter.

  • Food trucks: If you thought that food trucks are for street food outings only, then get your ideas revised! The latest food trend that has been noticed at wedding venues in Jaipur is the food trucks. They are colorful, vibrant, smelling of yummy street food, and appealing. Whether it is “cola truck,” “daaru truck,” “golgappa truck”; your guests will remember your wedding for ages!

  • DIY counters: DIY or deconstructed food menu is the latest trend in India these days. The guests are served with the main element of the dishes and they have to assemble it themselves. Not only it allows the guests to curate their own food but also is a lot of fun to mix and match. This food trend has been quite a fun this year at various weddings planned by the wedding planner in Jaipur.

    DIY countersImage Source: Google Image

  • Fusion food: Have u tries gulab jamun cheesecake? If not, then don’t miss this year’s wedding! Not only the cheesecake fusion, but you will get a chance to taste fusion food and desserts. Whether it is frozen dahi bhalle or paan icecream, your guests will become dumbstruck with the food!

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