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Here’s How You Can Rock Your First Post-Wedding Party


After a successful wedding night, where the conjugal couple goes through numerous numbers of rituals; especially in an Indian wedding, with all its vast variety of formalities, a wedding reception brings the much-needed breathing space for the couple. This post-marriage party is used to commemorate the marriage of the newly-wed pair of the bride & the groom to make their mark and begin their journey of life together.

A Reception function is typically an informal and a cozy event where all the near and dear ones are invited. But as the adage goes ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’, the reception transpires to become a very significant affair for the whole family of the wed-lock couple after the D-day. Putting the other way round, if the wedding is a big cake baked to perfection with the combined efforts of the whole family, then the wedding reception acts are the cherry on top which, in totality, completes the whole look and feel. Thus gauging the significance of a hearty reception party doesn’t require too much scratching of your head.

As with the idea of infusing new with the traditional stuff, how could we miss the post-wedding party! So here are 8 tips and tricks to turn a regular reception event into a rollercoaster of a ride:

1. A Trip Down Memory Lane

As mentioned above, a reception is held for the close acquaintances, friends and relatives of the wed-lock couple; from office colleagues to their childhood friends to the ones who live at far-off places to those who by some means could not make it to the wedding. In today’s age having memories has become synonymous with clicking tons of pictures. And using such pictures in a presentation or video would be the best surprise for the love birds!photo-booth

                                                                      Image Source: Google Image

2. Musical Mania

Weddings in India are huge and the one factor which gives it the hype like nothing else is the sequence of song and dance with days like Sangeet. So call a DJ, ask the guests to play their favorite playlists, not to forget the couple requests and burn the dance floor with some sizzling moves! Bring on the Bhangra-shangra and there you go!Musical-Mania

                                             Image Source: Google Image

3. An Entry to Remember

Normally, in a reception the couple welcomes all the guests of the evening, but what if all the who’s who of the event comes beforehand and the couple, in turn, enter the scene in a fun fashion. It could be a cheeky scooter entry or if they are adventure junkies, it a fancy bullet or the old world charm, a classic vintage car would be simply rocking!


                                             Image Source: Google Image

4. Cocktails and Concoctions

What is the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ without its share of drinks to fully enjoy the merriment which the occasion brings. Just rope in a chic bartender and you are good to go.


                                             Image Source: Google Image

5. Get to Know From the Horse’s Mouth

Another interesting take on making reception parties more entertaining is to involve the guests by making them write their personal thoughts and good wishes on a guestbook that stays with the couple forever for them to reminisce the wonderful evening for a long time to come.


                                     Image Source: Google Image

6. Fun Photoshoot

Get into the skin of the event by hiring a professional shutterbug and click astounding pictures. To make it more interesting, you can use some props like a joker wig and have more fun!


                                                 Image Source: Google Image

7. Games Are Not Just For The Kids

Make further inroads by turning a wedding reception into a fun escapade by playing cool games like paper dance, dumb charades, and the very Indian antakshari. Have fun!


     Image Source: Google Image

8. Fusion Cuisine

How about some live kitchen counters or a desert trail with a sumptuous range of delicacies? Get the crowd hop at some lip-smacking stuff.


                Image Source: Google Image

Spice up your post-wedding party and transform it into a spectacle to remember by using the above-mentioned tricks.

                                                                           Let the party begin!

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