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Here’s What Really Happens In a Typical Punjabi Wedding: Madness, Masti and More


We have grown up watching Bollywood Films full of masala and have not only seen but also enjoyed the Big Fat Indian Wedding scenes – from dance to drama to romance; we have enjoyed every bit of the wedding fun.

Though, each wedding is an experience in itself, nothing can actually beat the madness and fun involved in a Punjabi Wedding. Flamboyance, bright colors, multifarious ceremonies; Punjabi wedding has it all and oozes a sense of happiness that no one wants to miss. And since our love for Punjabi weddings is so immense, we have brought all the rituals together, from the pre-wedding customs to the reception, you’ll find it all here!


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Pre-Wedding Ceremonies (and the most exciting ones!)


The first ritual of a Punjabi Wedding from where all the list of customs starts is Roka. In this ritual, both the families commit each other to fix the marriage between the would-be bride and groom. It also involves the exchange of gifts, a pooja and of course, lots of fun.


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Next ritual, after Roka, comes the Sagan. This is where the bride and the groom is showered with gifts and blessings from all. The bride’s father puts tika on the groom’s forehead and the groom’s mother or sister places a red chunni over the bride-to-be’s head. She is then offered some gifts including jewellery and saree. This custom of placing a chunni where the groom’s mother covers the bride-to-be’s head is known as ‘ChunniChadai’.


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Engagement (Sagai)

Rings are exchanged between the bride and the groom along with some amazing gifts from the friends and family.


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Haldi Rasam (Vatna)

As the name suggests, the bride and the groom are made to wear yellow clothes and all others come one by one to apply haldi paste comprising of turmeric, sandalwood, mustard oil and rose water to give each of the wedding couples a natural glow.Haldi-Ceremony

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Simultaneously, another ritual is practiced known as the ‘ghada ghadoli’ where the sister-in-laws and other females gather together and visit the nearby gurudwara or temple to fill a ghadoli (pitcher) with water to wash off the vatna applied to the bride and groom.


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Mehendi And Sangeet

This one is our favorite. The bride along with other female members adorn their hands with henna along with a lot of dance and fun. Everyone immerses in the beat of the dholak and dance their hearts out!

Boys, on the other hand, have a bachelorette party involving drinks, dance and enjoyment!


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Now let’s move on to the ActualWeddingRituals:

Gana Bandhna

This takes place in the morning of the wedding day at the bride’s and groom’s house. The two attend a pooja where the sacred thread (mouli) with betel nuts is tied to their wrists with multiple knots so that it doesn’t untie later.


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Chooda Ceremony

This particular ritual takes place at the bride’s home. The maternal uncle gifts her a set of red and white bangles, called ‘chooda’. The chooda is kept in a bowl of milk before it is worn by the bride.

With the chooda, the family and friends tie Kalire (dangling gold ornaments) to her bangles.


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Sehra bandi & Ghurchadi

When the groom is all ready in the wedding suit, relative ties a sehra around the groom’s head. The groom then sits on a horse and everyone proceeds to the wedding venue dancing and singing.


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Varmala is a fancy ritual where the bride and groom exchanges flower garlands. What makes this rasm fun is to see the family members lift up the bride or the groom so that the other one is not able to put the garland around the other’s neck first.


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Joota Chupai

It’s like a hide-and-seek game. The bride’s sisters hide the footwear of the groom (commonly known as Jooti) which is returned in an exchange of gift or money.


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Phere & Kanyadan

The parents of the bride give her hand in the hand of the groom and ties a know of the chunnis which the groom and the bride carries on his and her shoulder. The couple then takes pheres and take vows to complete the custom.


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The most emotional moment of any wedding is the time when the bride bids goodbye to her family members and head towards her new house with her husband. The bride throws handful of rice backwards where her mother stands to catch the rice in her pallu.


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So now the wedding is done! The visitors might get a sigh of relief and take a good sweet nap. But here are some more rituals for the wedding couple which they fulfil as Post-Wedding Customs:

Graha Pravesh

Even the entering of a house is done with a custom! The bride knocks down a container full of rice with her right foot. The mother applies tika on the couple’s forehead and welcomes them in.


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Now it’s party time! The customs are done, marriage is completed and the couple can stay together! A grand reception is organized to celebrate the wedding with family and friends.


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Undoubtedly, the Punjabi Wedding is truly a Fun-Jabi wedding involving a lot of fun, drama and madness! But looking at the list of rituals, it seems like a back-breaking task for the family members. But don’t you worry! We’re here to help take the load. Contact us immediately for any assistance and drop in your reviews in the comment box below!

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