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Jaipuri theme decoration ideas for your wedding


When has Rajasthani decoration ever gone off the market? It is colorful, it is traditional, and it is one of the trending ideas which can be customized as a contemporary as well. Don’t you as a would-be-bride were always fascinated about the wedding day and don’t those fine details get you all excited and nervous at the same time. Besides taking care of the clothes and accessories, the venue plays an important role in bringing out the charm of everything else.

Here are a few Jaipuri theme decorations for the wedding that you can use and help your wedding planner pull out the best that you have imagined.

  • Use colorful umbrellas: These pretty umbrellas, the tiny ones, the medium ones and the huge ones make up for excellent wedding theme ideas. If it is a mehndi ceremony or a sangeet, you could bring out the lights and add an extra touch to these decoration items. Hang them from the ceiling or just place them around in a bunch in an organized an amazing way, the field is all yours to play.

    Use colorful umbrellasImage Source: Google Image

  • Pin Wheel Décor: Don’t those pinwheels just evoke nostalgia? However, pinwheel decor has evolved over the years. It could be a carnival pin-wheel, it could be an origami paper wheel, it could be paper fans, roses, holographic fans, so on and so forth. There are so many ways you can use these pinwheels to customize the wedding venue. You can get hold of the wedding planner in Jaipur to implement new and quirky ideas such that you can nail the decoration.

  • Kathputli decor: Kathputlisare something which is very niche in Rajasthan and cannot be left out of the wedding decorations if you are looking forward to incorporating it in the first place. You could have latkans of Kathputli around the venue to add that extra traditional touch. Any event management company in Jaipur can get you the local weavers to make personalized items for the wedding.

    Kathputli decorImage Source: Google Image

  • Bangle Decor: It could be a cute bangle décor which can add that extra oomph to the wedding. It could be used for a mandap decoration if you are looking forward to a quirky and differently themed idea which has never been done before. The best wedding planners in Jaipur can ensure that the bangle decorations are placed perfectly such that it can be combined with other decorations which bring about the beauty of the venue well.

  • Multiple colorful tents that serve as food stalls: Food stalls are something that catches attention instantly. Since the Jaipuri theme adds fuel to fire, you could make use of the neon and traditional Rajasthani colors such as red, yellow, green, pink, orange and the likes. You could have fabric that speaks volumes about the theme. This could be conveniently extended to the table decorations which can have a similar setting. You can use the pots which are hand decorated and make use of it as lamps which can brighten up the evening in no time.

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