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Lagan Mandap Decoration Ideas By Fiestro Events


Indian wedding is all about beautiful and lavish decorations. The lagan mandap is the heart of an Indian wedding venue, where all the auspicious vows are taken. The priest chants the wedding mantras and the couple take wedding vows in the Lagan Mandap. Considering its importance, the lagan mandap has to be something significantly different and enchanting. The whole aura of the wedding lies at its core. This is indeed a special place that has to be decorated with a bliss.

Usually, the wedding planner in Jaipur take full care in decorating the mandap.howvere, as it is specially made for the wedding couple; they can add their personal touch to the decor. There are many things to take care while decorating the Mandap, and the wedding planners know exactly what it is.

Here are some lagan mandap ideas by Fiestro Events;

  • Temple style mandap: What more auspicious it can be than a temple. The best wedding planner in Jaipur knows it all. If you want the decoration to be auspicious, elegant and divine, you can ask the event manager for this decoration. With the temple bells ringing all over while you are taking the vows, is something enchanting and heavenly.
    Temple style mandap

  • Sophisticated and simple: People who d not like it elaborated can opt for a sophisticated and simple decor. The event management company in Jaipur use beautiful and subtle flowers like jasmine, orchid and white roses to create a simple and lovely decor for the mandap.

  • Striking and catchy: Wedding planner in Jaipur creates this strikingly beautiful lagan Mandap that adds liveliness to the wedding. The color combinations are daring and impressive. The larger than the life decoration is something that is creating a trend today.
    Striking and catchy Mandap

  • The beach Mandap: When you are planning a destination wedding by a sea beach, and then try out some ideas by thebest wedding planner in Jaipur. No doubt, it is the best way to take the wedding vows while enjoying the huge landscape near the beach. Mix and match the different style of décor and you will get an amazing lagan Mandap under the sky.

  • Decoration as per location: Use the space and incorporate the area into a beautiful Mandap. Whether you are having a wedding in a palace, an open space or in a closing banquet, the event management company in Jaipur have lots of ideas. Use flowers, decorative stuff and personalize the space accordingly.
    Decoration as per location

Apart from the decorations, there are other things that add value to the ideas;

  • The theme of the wedding decor. Your Mandap must match to the other decorated parts of the venue.:

  • The chair arrangement around the Mandap. You always want your friends and families nearby when you are taking the holy vows.

  • Choose flowers that team up the decor.

  • Use drapes to add volume and color to the Mandap.

  • The backdrop is important to give uplift to the Mandap decor.

  • Use traditional items like lamps, bells, bangles, diyas and other local stuff for the decor.

  • Finally, discuss with your wedding planner in Jaipur about the best trending ideas.

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