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Paper Decoration Ideas For Your Haldi and Mehandi Function


Once your wedding is fixed, you need to plan each and every detail of the events leading to your special day. The decoration is an important aspect of every Indian function. From the simple minimalistic designs to the extravagant decorations, you can choose the right one to match the theme and concept of your wedding. If you wish for a simple yet stunning decoration for your celebration at home, then opt for the exquisite paper decorations. The functions at home like haldi or mehandi involves unlimited fun, music, and masti. Even if the function takes place at an outside venue, the wedding decorator in Jaipur can make the event exuberant. The creative team can make the paper decoration to give the otherwise simple decor the shots of color, vibrancy, and style. The main bonus is the cost of the decoration as it will cost you very less. Look into some of the cinch designs to entice your guests.

  • Paper Fans: Remember the colorful paper fans you liked in your childhood. Well, they make an excellent decoration for your haldi or mehandi function. The wedding event planner in Jaipur can get you the vibrant design in beautiful colors to complement your wedding theme. The simple yet exquisite design can make a beautiful backdrop for your photo sessions. They look fab without breaking your wedding budget.

    Paper FansImage Source: Google Image

  • Paper Chandeliers: Sounds interesting, isn’t it! The wedding decorator in Jaipur can add the paper chandeliers to your haldi decor to elicit oohs and aahs from your guests. The tissue orbs connected with a narrow train of ribbon hung from the ceiling can add charm to the decorations. With the perfect soundtrack, the stunning decoration will bring about delighted squeals for sure.

  • Paper Lanterns: For an evening event like Mehandi, you can achieve an elegant look without much fuss with the paper lanterns. The wedding event planner in Jaipur can enhance the beauty of the decor with the paper lantern fashioned from tissue paper of different colors. It adds the fun element to the decorations making your event livelier. You can hang it from the ceiling or use as the centerpiece to attract the attention of the guests.

    Paper LanternsImage Source: Google Image

  • Pleated Poufs: The pleated poufs are one of the simple yet attractive designs that can make the hearts flutter. The easy to create decorative elements add style and elegance to your mehandi function. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can create fashionable ruffled pendants and attach it with the wire basket to create a fairy tale decor. You can opt it for day decorations as it catches the sun’s rays to make a stunning backdrop. Include it to your evening function by adding a battery-operated light to emit a romantic glow in the evening.

  • Fabulous Streamers: Wondering how a simple decoration item can make your wedding look extraordinary? The wedding event planner has out-of-the-box ideas to make the simple streamers exude charm and elegance. By choosing the intricately designed versions in stunning colors, your wedding decor will look chic. The buoyant element can become the focal point of your mehandi decor as it comes with an oomph factor.

With a professional decorator with years of experience, you can make your wedding look like a page from the glossy magazines. The cost-effect, simple, and stunning decorations using paper will impress your guests and make an excellent backdrop for the photos.

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