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Planning for a dream wedding? Consult the best wedding planners


A wedding is a ceremony which brings together two people in love. It is a very precious and beautiful moment for the couples and also for their family members. Everyone dreams of a grand wedding as it is a big occasion and it comes once in everyone’s life. So the best wedding planner can be hired who will help you dream of a grand wedding. Jaipur is a city of palaces and castles and is considered to be the most romantic cities for the couples to tie their knot. Most of the couples plan to get married in castles or palaces in which the kings and the queens used to stay earlier. It also gives a royal touch to their wedding. So a wedding in Jaipur will always be the best venue for a perfect royal wedding. Wedding planners are the young and professional people responsible to make planning, management and execution of a client’s wedding. In order to make the wedding well organized the wedding planners work for long hours. The planners charge the total cost of the wedding or a flat fee. The wedding planners are also available for the couples who are planning for a destination wedding.

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The services provided by wedding planners are:

  • consultation with the clients to identify their needs

  • estimation of the budget, selection of the wedding venue,

  • organizing the theme of the wedding if any,

  • designing the style of the event,

  • making the list of the participants, contracting the photographers, suppliers, beauticians, florist, buffets, videographers, drinks, food arrangements and executions.

  • Looking after the decoration of the events.

  • Making a backup plan in case of an emergency

  • Preparation of legal documentation for a destination wedding.

  • Preparing the event layout by indicating the location of chairs, tables, dance floor etc.

  • Arranging the caterers.

Points to be considered while selecting a wedding planner

  • General experience: while choosing a wedding planner it is very important to look at their general experience and also the past weddings they have organized. They must make sure that no compromise is made in the clients choice.

  • Relevant experience: It is not possible for every wedding planners to be specialized in all areas. So it is better to look for a planner which has a specific expertise in what you need.

  • Qualification: Nowadays many colleges are offering wedding planning courses. It is essential to know the qualification of the staffs working as a wedding planner. Testimonials- Make sure to see some testimonials of the clients they have worked with.

  • Backup plans: It is always necessary to check out whether they have any backup plans or not in case of an emergency.

  • Budget: While consulting with your wedding planner, it is very necessary to be sure that they provide you the best suggestion according to your budget.

  • Good vibe: While consulting with a wedding planner it is also necessary to see that they are well behaved and must be attentive to your needs and preferences. They must also provide with a well behaved and experienced staffs.

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Best Wedding Planner company in Jaipur:

  • Indian wedding planners: It is located in Subhash Marg, Jaipur. They are the best wedding planner in India. It is a boutique wedding and consultancy based in Jaipur which provides innovative wedding designs, event planning, and management services.

  • Fiestro events: It is located in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. They are the destination wedding planners and a wedding management company in Jaipur. They manage events in all major cities like Udaipur, Goa, Lucknow, Kerala, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. They provide you with the best event with its friendly services and trained staffs at a reasonable cost.

  • Jaipur weddings: It is located in Ashok Nagar, Jaipur. They provide you with a big fat Indian wedding just as u dreamt of with wedding decoration, venues, caterer and other types of services related to the events.

  • Purple grapes wedding and event planner: It is located in Ajmer Road, Jaipur. If you are thinking of a luxurious wedding then this is the place for you. It is a luxury wedding boutique situated in Delhi, Agra, Daman, Goa Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and Lucknow.

Therefore nowadays wedding planners are demanded by the couples in order to make their wedding grand and successful without taking any stress at a reasonable budget.

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