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Six Trends you Must Discuss with Wedding Decorator in Jaipur


If you are going to tie the wedding knot in 2019, leave behind the decoration trends popular in 2018. Destination wedding is going to trend in 2019 also; and, Jaipur is going to be the best choice as wedding destination in India. The New Year is welcome by the top 10 wedding planners in India by introducing new styles for wedding decoration. Like every couple, you too might be having the dream of making the wedding day special and the most impressive for the guests; make it grand by discussing the following six wedding decoration ideas with the best selected wedding decorator in Jaipur.

  1. Minimal Mandap: If you are planning for a budget destination wedding, the idea of minimal mandap would click to you. It is great choice for outdoor wedding. Manadap is the place where you can save a lot by cutting short the expenses but without compromising with the unique feel you ever wish for the day. Fabric draping and colored floral accents will serve the purpose. The nature’s beauty supports this idea. Floor seating with colorful booster cushions, mattresses and floor cushions glamorizes the place. You may opt for chair seating arrangement also each decorated with flowers bunch at the back. The fabric drapes over the mandap pillars create a mesmerizing colorful shadow.

  2. Sparkling Lanterns: It is the best suited wedding decoration idea that fits to constraint budget wedding plan. The twinkling colorful lights through sparkling lanterns add a fairy theme to wedding event. Hanging lanterns from the ceiling is good way to draw the attention for guests as well as to have the proper light at every spot for perfect photography. Placing the lanterns at the centre of tables makes the environment nostalgic. The special decoration effects can be created by hanging the lanterns from the tress at different heights. Decorative lanterns designed with mason jars, empty bulbs, glass fish bowls are easily available at affordable price.

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  3. Umbrella Decoration: Any event organiser in Jaipur will recommend this top trending wedding decor idea. Umbrellas are being used intensively for outdoor wedding decoration. These are extremely helpful for extra ordinary fun photo shoots. If the wedding day falls during the summer season, the umbrella decoration becomes more sensible. Hanging colorful umbrellas from the ceiling is a fun fantastic decoration idea that clicks the most. The colorful fabrics can also be used to give the umbrellas an ethnic touch. The umbrella wires can also be used to fix few pastel flowers to create a picture-perfect space.

  4. Creative Natural Backdrops: Destination wedding is known specially for natural decoration at open wide space. The natural backdrop creation is a superb idea you must essentially discuss with wedding planner to apply at almost any of top wedding venues in Jaipur. You don’t need to invest for creating natural backdrop all though the venue, just create the few to trick the wedding decoration with special effect. Use of variety of flowers, wind chimes, paper craft etc makes the wedding venue great and different.

    Creative Natural BackdropsImage Source: Google Image

  5. Using a Decorated Cycle: Using the cycle of whimsy is a fantastic wedding decoration idea that is sure to trend in 2019 for destination wedding. As most of wedding venues in Jaipur give you enough space to decor in your own way, Bohemian style decoration will impress one and all. Marigold flowers can be used to cover the entire bicycle with photo booth corners. Some wedding decorators in Jaipur convert the cycle into a three-wheeler also by using flowers and amazing personal pictures of groom and bride.

  6. Swinging Decoration Style: It is an out-of-the-box but simple destination wedding decoration idea. Instead of using chairs or couches, add few swings at ceremony space. Creative pictures become a bonus of this affordable wedding decoration idea; and, this prime benefit is going to trend it all through 2019 and after. The colored or flowers decorated wooden planks can be used. The floral garlands over the sides of swings add unique feel for everyone.

Concluding Note: Any experience, reputed and capable wedding decorator in Jaipur can incorporate your unique ideas for wedding decoration. The wedding decoration doesn’t always need hefty budget; it can be done in impressive and eye catching manners even in constraint budget, provided, you hire the best wedding event organizer.

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