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Skin and Makeup Tips for This Seasons Winter Brides


With wedding season around the corner, aren’t you excited for your dream wedding to materialize into reality? Having a great skin is the privilege and dream of every bride. Therefore, taking care of the skin to have a glowing one at the end of the day is what the best wedding planners in India recommend.

If you are fascinated about your wedding and intend to have a soft, supple and glowing skin, all you need to do is follow the instructions of the best wedding planner in India that you have hired for your wedding. Not only would they have a proper beauty schedule for you, but also take you the best beauty salons and spas such that you get the possible care and pampering before your winter wedding.

You could start off with the easiest DIY methods suggested by your grandmother or even your mother. Set up a beauty calendar and stick to it. Get started with home-made remedies instead of chemicals prior to your seating at the parlor. You could start off with the regular beauty packs of turmeric and gram flour is commonly known as the haldi-besanobtain. Mix it up with raw milk and honey for moisturizing your skin and retaining a baby like glow within weeks. However, if you are prone to breakouts and have oily skin, you could use rose water instead of milk. Milk tends to have fatty components which are not recommended for oily skin.

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Pink lips are always desirable. Light colors allow you to experiment you with different lipsticks and shades. You need to be rehearsal ready for several sessions such as what makeup suits you’re the best. So it is essential that you literally put your best foot forward here. Massage your lips with coconut oil, ghee or even oil to make it supple and pink. Scrubbing is essential. Mix up sugar with a little bit of water and make a paste and scrub off the dead cells off your lips within minutes.

Hair is the most beautiful feature that a bride can sport on her wedding day. The best wedding planners in India recommend that you fix your hair troubles before the big day. Dandruff, hair fall, thinning hair are the major issues that have to be dealt with before the wedding. Deep conditioning the hair with egg masks, coconut oil masks, methi hair pack, and banana masks to keep your hair healthy. Get in touch with the best wedding planners in India to take you to the best salons in the city such that you get the best treatment possible for you.

Hairy arms and legs can be a buzzkill. Perfectly hair-free legs and hands are a ticket to sporting the beautiful midi dress or the sleeveless choli that you have had your eye on. Do a regular besan, turmeric, curd and rose water pack, massage and cleanse your entire body with the ingredients to get rid of unwanted and ingrown hair, in the shortest possible time. Helps in detaining too.

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