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The wedding day is what every girl looks forward since the time she wears that engagement ring. It is the day when the bride needs to look her best. However, an Indian wedding is full of cultural festivities, traditional celebrations, and long celebration that leave the bride exhausted. The Mehendi, the sangeet, the wedding preparations, the lehenga trials, and the excitement of getting married. The best wedding planner in India says that considering the pre-activities in an Indian wedding, the bride has a tough time to look her best at the wedding.

However, it is not only about the beauty tips that a bride has to follow. Top 10 wedding planner in India say that there are many other commandments which adds to the beauty rules. Every bride must follow the below 5 beauty rules to look splendidly beautiful on her special day.

Top 5 rules of bridal beauty

  • Rock a gorgeous smile: It is all about that gorgeous smile that adds to the beauty of the bride. No matter how exhausted you are but show your excitement on your face. Show the world how happy you are and getting married is your dream come true. Seriously, there is nothing better on the earth than a bride’s gorgeous smile. For that enchanting smile, you need to consider a visit to the dentist as well. Get a bleach treatment done to flaunt that beautiful smile.

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  • Play your best feature: According to the wedding planner in India, the bride must flaunt her best feature on the wedding day. Use countre to accentuate the best feature with makeup. Use a set of false eyelashes to add highlight to your eyes or find a perfect lipstick to put emphasis on your smile. Discuss with your makeup artist and finalize a glowing look that is not only fresh but also uplifts your bets feature.

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  • Stick to skin care routine: Indian wedding is elaborated affair, and once it starts you may not find time to take care of your skin. It is important to avoid the deep fried food, sweets, and unhealthy snacks that are doing the rounds during the celebrations. Stick to a healthy meal, and snack on fruits to have a gorgeous skin on your wedding. Additionally, you must start a skin care routine in advance with the assistance of an expert beautician.

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  • No crash diet: Top 10 wedding planner in India recommend the brides not to go for crash diets. Today, the brides fall in for diets in order to look slim in their wedding attire. However, instead of going for diet, you must eat healthily and stay hydrated. Since the celebrations are lengthy and tiring, you don’t want to look exhausted on the D-day.

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  • Go for hair care: According to the wedding planner in India, Indian brides love to try different hairstyles on different days during their wedding. They want the hairdo different on mehendi, sangeet and the wedding day. Since with various styles, you have to go for some styling products, you must take care of your hair from getting it damaged.

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