Top 10 wedding planner and event Management Company in Jaipur

The favorite wedding destination: Jaipur


Be it the absolutely royal ambiance with all the castles and tradition all the fantastic weather in winter Jaipur has always been the first preference for many when it comes to a destination wedding in India. So, as it is a wedding its knees lose of planning and then come the tricky part the right execution of those plans. For a flawless wedding, you definitely need an experienced wedding planner who has got all the backups ready if anything goes wrong. In Jaipur, you can also find some talented wedding planners who will make your wedding a dream-like a fairytale.

  • Purple Grapes Events: Purple Grapes are famous for their amazing designing and wedding decor which proves to be the best of the lot every time. They have the attitude like whatever you dream they will make it happen for your wedding. The crew member in each and every segment have perfect knowledge about the work field and always keep the professional approach towards the client. So if you hired then you will not get only an event properly organized but also with innovative ideas incorporated into it.

    Purple Grapes Events

  • The Large Sun: This company is like the elder member in the group, as they have been going strong for 15 years in the industry of wedding planners and event management. Over the years they have worked on their professional strategy and have evolved with more and improved ideas. They give you the kind of comfort you get along with your family and have a very nice approach towards each and every client. Ramesh shows the promise made by the company to give the best to the client is achieved.

    The Large Sun

  • Shaadiwala: When a cloud highest the wedding planning company, they want that kind of organized level of work so that they don’t need to worry about things. Shaadiwala keeps the thing in mind and plants the wedding or any kind of event that has been given to them with well worked out planning. Be it accommodations, wedding arrangements, decor, and even photography comedy team members are always there. So if you are planning to give your wedding contract to this company then you can more or less become sure that your wedding day is going to be an unforgettable one with the arrangements made by Shaadiwala.

  • Almost Weddings: Almas have got some of the most talented event managers in their team who knows how to plan an event without any failures which can do in the entire scenario. They are expert in organizing bank with ceremonies which include special effects, sound arrangements, wonderful decor and a lovely team who is known for their hospitality and professional work. If you visit their official website, the pictures will tell you the kind of aristocracy they have achieved in each and every event they have organized.

  • Lagan Mandap: With a desi name and the traditional approach within their hearts, the company has emerged as one of the top wedding planning companies in Jaipur. The company was established in 2009 and to all these years they have achieved quite of the brand value in the market. They are very mysterious to the Indian emotions which says that weddings are a lifetime event so they put their best to make it larger than life.

  • Knot So Special: Although not very experienced when it comes to the years compared to the other companies, this youngster among the Lord has proven their capability with some fantastic wedding arrangements they have done. Not only in Jaipur but also in Delhi they have their branches and they do organize weddings in both the places. The company knows how much pressure is on the host when he or she is organizing a destination wedding and they have got everything under control with their amazing planning.

From the above list, you have got the names of some of the most talented wedding and event management companies who are waiting to serve you on your special day. Now you can do some research over the internet to know more about these companies and then pick the best suitable for you. The company you will choose will really wish you a really happy married life by organizing your wedding in a beautiful breathtaking manner.

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