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If someone wishes to in a row of the most successful wedding planner in India, he or she has to be prevented with the new and innovative trends that are being taken up these days in Indian weddings. In most of the regions, red was taken as the ultimate qualifying collar for a wedding outfit. As of today most of the bride is ready to take a dig at the stereotypes, the color pink is becoming more and more favorable for most of them. Vitiated that is used of paint in most of the weddings are not very bright and spunky but on the contrary, we get to see a very light and soothing shade. Last year Anushka Sharma with her vintage pastel pink lehenga Rockstar wedding outfit that changed many conceptions for the brides who are planning to wear Crimson red on their D-DAY.

How the color pink is used in various wedding functions?

  • In your bridal outfit: Pink has become the hot favourite color and most of the designers are using it in a wise manner to create their Masterpiece for brides. Machines are definitely different, where some prefer it to be a little bride with glitters favorite and shimmers the others have opted for a pale shade along with vintage embroidery to give it a royal touch.

  • In your accessories for bridal attire: Imagine your wedding jewelry having the magical hue of princess pink, it will be like going out of the box and still looking very beautiful. Pink is a color which becomes a match made in heaven with gold, diamond and even in Kundan. As Chuda is a very important jewelry or to say a kind of ritual for many communities, brides are opting for Pink Chura instead of the traditional red worms and actually killing it with their outfit.

  • Jewelry in pink for other rituals: If you are active on social media then you must know about the new fashion trend of wearing floral jewelry during Mehndi, Sangeet, and haldi. The idea is remarkable as it brings the fresh as a flower look to the bride and gives the bride a natural feeling before she where is heavy Jewellery for a wedding. Pink flowers go best with your Mehndi attire as you can see many celebrities have opted for it and their pictures are going viral even after 1 or 2 years of their wedding.

  • Your man in pink: It is not that the pink can be only used for bridal jewelry or for the bridal outfit, the groom can also wear a Pink sherwani and look smashing handsome in it. It is kind of breaking the stereotype as Pink was always considered to be a color for girls and now it is ruling as a menswear favorite color. So if you are groom wants to wear aping sherwani with delicate embroidery and a matching headgear you can do the Twinning with your pink lehenga and create a hot topic for your friends over the year!

  • Why not in shoes?: There was a time when it was thought that pink shoes are only good for baby girls or can be used as a funky footwear for a costume party. But today you will find strategically designed bridal jutti which go perfectly with her attire. And when the bridesmaids take an effort to steal the shoes of the groom as per the popular ritual, do not be surprised if the colour is pink.

  • At your wedding venue: Imagine if your wedding venue is decorated like a larger than life Fairytale wedding all drenched in pink flowers and pink curtains how will it be? You can find your answer if you Google knitwear pink has been the major colour in the wedding decor. You can also use other colors as a contrasting matter which will be really eye-catching. However, you need to be careful not to overuse it and give proper instructions to your wedding planner who will do the best in the job.

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As it has been popularly said that pink is the colour of love and wedding is the celebration of love so it is kind of justifying to use pink as your favorite colour in the wedding.

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