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The Ultimate Lehanga And Sherwani Combination Shopping Ideas


A wedding is a beautiful event with striking images. You remember a wedding ceremony for a long time because of the stunning visual appeal it offers. One of the integral aspects of the alluring wedding visuals is the Lehanga and Sherwani that the bride and groom wear on their big day. The ceremony becomes livelier with the oomph factor of the wedding attire. The matching or contrast wedding attire can make the event unforgettable. The wedding planner in Jaipur can create alluring outlook of the bride and groom that complements each other. Here are some of the inspiring ideas for the bride and groom to pair their dresses.

  • Matching Pastel Shades: Wearing the same red, yellow or the orange shade is boring, isn’t it? Why not choose the pastel shades for unique, but impressive wedding appeal. The event management company in Jaipur can suggest the most charming pastel shades for the bride and groom. The muted pink lehanga and white sherwani, the baby blue lehanga with beige sherwani, or the peach shade lehanga with tea green sherwani can bedazzle everyone. You may think the color may look placid, but the decoration with embroidery or motifs can create a magical appeal.

  • Stunning Contrast: The light and dark color contrast can create a sparkling look. So, the best wedding planner in Jaipur can help dress up the bride and groom in alluring combination to create a pictures que look. The bride can mesmerize in the lighter shade lehanga while the groom can grab eyeballs with the darker shade sherwani. The dramatic look will impress the guests with the charming look.

    Stunning ContrastImage Source: Google Image

  • Matching PagdiWith Bride’s Lehanga: Pairing the safa or pagadi with the bride’s beautiful lehanga can create a sophisticated look. The groom can wear a light colored sherwani to create a mesmerizing style. The groom can wear the pagdi in the style that suits their tradition. With the different style available, the grooms can take the suggestion of the wedding planner in Jaipur to make an impression. The headdress with the sherwani and the trendy lehanga can attract the attention of your guests.

  • Similar Or Matching Embroidery: The event management company in Jaipur can help enhance the wedding look by getting the similar footing in the appearance. The bride can wear bright lehanga while the groom can wear a lighter shade. But, similar embroidery or brocade can look immaculate. It also fits your wedding or reception ceremony beautifully.

    Similar Or Matching EmbroideryImage Source: Google Image

  • Experimental Contrast: The experimental contrast with the monotone and rocking print can garner attention and appreciation from everyone. But, the cool combination of the monotone on the bride and the print on the groom can rock the ceremony. The best wedding planner in Jaipur can suggest the Benarasi print sherwani on the groom and the monotone gold color lehanga make the event attractive.

Matching attire or contrasting? It is the most confusing question that every couple has to face. A couple in dilemma can get professional advice from the wedding planner in Jaipur. So, you can decide on the wedding attire that matches the wedding theme and color precisely. The lehanga and sherwani combination decided by the experts can create new trends. It will complement the wedding and inspire others. Therefore, get the ultimate shopping ideas from the creative planners to create a magical ceremony.

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