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The Wedding Card


The wedding card found in India is known as Lagan Patrika. The Lagan Patrika holds a special significance among all types of wedding. It is the most common way to announce your wedding and it records the detail description of the occasion like the venue, the exact time as well as the lineage introduction of the bride & the groom. There are different kinds of wedding cards.

    • Scroll Invitation: Scroll Invitation tells your friends & family about your wedding as elegantly as possible by using beautiful wedding scroll invitation. In scroll invitations, special attention is paid to every small detail to create a unique art work.


    • Asian Wedding Card: Asian Wedding Card makes your wedding even more special with authentic Asian Wedding cards. Wedding card is sure to enhance the overall ambiance of your dream wedding that you may be planning.

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    • Hindu wedding card: Hindu wedding card is distributed a month before which generally includes a detail description of all the functions & auspicious motifs or pictures of the Hindu god like the Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna along with Radha, Om, Kalash, Mango Leaves, etc. Are all either printed or embellished with stickers.

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    • Themed Wedding Card: Themed Wedding Card a growing no of couples select a theme as a basis for planning their wedding and select their invitation card in accordance with the theme.

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Wedding cards are designed accordingly for every religion (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, or interfaith marriages) you will get the perfect premium wedding card. Marriage invitations have never been easier than with wedding cards. Wedding cards are treasured keepsakes that will be remembered by you & your guests for many years.

India’s rich & diversified culture & heritage is our country’s greatest asset. In wedding cards, Indian marriages are designed that reflects the history, culture & diversity from ornate traditional design to simple & elegant contemporary designs.

Weddings in India are considered to be colourful events on global platform, Fiestro Events helps you to design your wedding card beautifully as your wedding card is the sole thing that creates a good impression in front of the guest because it is the proper narration of events in the wedding card would set the tone for success of your dream wedding.

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