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Three Decoration & Dinning Ideas for 2019 Destination Wedding


Wedding is one of the most important events in the life; everyone plans to make it great not only for the self but also for the guests. There are numbers of arrangements that the host has to make; some of these are for the self and family and others are to impress the guests. Decoration and dinning are the two major issues that draw the maximum attention of host. In case of destination wedding, the task becomes more challenging because you know very little about the place.

Jaipur has become the top choice of destination wedding during the last decade. A decade before, the Pink city was chosen as wedding destination only by the celebrities but now it is the choice of elite segment in each community. If you too are planning to tie the wedding knot in Jaipur, this blog post may help you discuss the decoration and dinning trends better with wedding event planner.

Three Wedding Decoration Trends for 2019: The year 2019 is going to see new blends of fiestas, flourishing gardens and fairytales in wedding decor trends. From modern decor to vintage style, the couples have more options to pick the unique and contrasting themes for various ceremonies and to customize these as they like.

  • Modern-day Fairytale: The special liking for fairytales and classic stories is inspiring the wedding decorators to give the ideas a twist. The Pop culture reference adds quirky dimensions to decor. No need to say that every top wedding decorator in Jaipur would love to add personalized touch in wedding decor. For example, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with personalized touch is a superb decor idea to make the wedding venue trend setter.

  • Colorful Carnivals: Although the theme seems traditional but it has too much scope to incorporate the creativity. Today, wedding decoration provides ample opportunities for experimentation. ‘La Fiesta’ atmosphere may be your ideal pick to decor the venue with bright and beautiful elements and favors.

    Colorful CarnivalsImage Source: Google Image

  • White Decoration: White wedding decoration makes the venue not only impressive but relaxing also. It delivers a cozy feel to the couple taking them to fairy world. The white color theme works as the blank canvas providing the wedding decorator more than enough opportunities to play with unique ideas including to those of wedding couples.

Three Dining Ideas for 2019 Destination Wedding In Jaipur: Every guest at destination wedding expects varieties of cuisines and new trendy dishes, especially in destination wedding. If wedding destination is Jaipur, it adds new dimensions to expectations and the scope to perform.

  • Small but Big in Bite: The variety of small sized niche cuisines are trending nowadays. These are small sized dishes but big in bites. The variety of items can be served. These dishes look alike the main course but these are just the snacks when you come closer.

  • Videshi Dish in Indian Style: Serving the videshi dishes in Indian style is getting tremendous popularity. Despite having wedding in Jaipur, you can choose the easy to cook international dishes. The combination of international dishes along with traditional Rajasthani dishes takes the pleasure and experience of guests up to the highest level. If you succeed in hiring a competent and performing wedding planner in Jaipur, only then you can play with this idea.

  • DIY Counters: What about the ‘do it yourself’ counters in dining area providing limited scope to cook according to personal taste? Placing ‘DIY counters in dining area’ is emerging fast as the trending concept for the destination wedding planned at spacious venue. Surprisingly, guests try their hands to club the ingredients up to their taste.

    DIY CountersImage Source: Google Image

Concluding Note :When you decide for destination wedding in Jaipur, the expectations of guests become high because of the global fame of this historical city. Decoration and dining are the two prime areas where the hired wedding event planner can play with own or yours ideas to create something great. Not every novice idea is essentially costly; the cost can be managed according permissible budget by limiting the variety in particular area; may it be decor or dining.

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