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Tips for a summer wedding in Udaipur


Is your wedding date fixed? You may get the muhurat in summer as it is the most auspicious time to tie the knot. You can make your summer wedding unique and unconventional by choosing Udaipur as the destination. The top wedding planners will add class and style to it to make it cheerful and extravagant. Udaipur is the perfect location, which attracts people from around the world as it offers a relaxing atmosphere. You may envision your wedding day in summer with the gorgeous blue sky that makes the event look like something out of a movie. But, it will slip your mind that the high temperatures can make people overheated, exhausted, and uncomfortable. So, you need to follow some tips for your summer wedding;

  • Cool Location: Udaipur will offer you locations that will blow your mind away with its visual appeal and charm along with keeping your guests cool with proper ventilation. The wedding planner in Udaipur will provide cooling gadgets, refreshments, and shaded location to make your friends and family feel comfortable. It will help in enjoying your big day to the maximum.

  • Perfecting Your Look: You can opt for the right wedding attire that is appropriate for a hot summer. You can offer pointers to your friends and family members to give them the right suggestion to match the theme of the wedding without compromising on comfort. The top wedding planners can offer style tips about the fabrics that are breathable without foregoing the beauty and style.

  • Wedding Decor: The wedding planner in Udaipur will suggest a theme and decor for your summer wedding that will exude class and sophistication. The vibrant colors added to the decor will make our special day look beautiful and striking. The upbeat and perky atmosphere will create ever lasting memories for family and friends.

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  • Food and Drinks: You need to opt for a menu that has delicious food without causing any adverse effects on the health of people in the summer months. It is best to opt for a lighter platter that will not harm the health of your guests. You need to add frozen drinks, ice creams, golas, kulfis, water, etc. to keep the guests comfortable. The water will avoid dehydration and other issues to the health of people in summer. The top wedding planners will make sure your event has everything stocked to make the guest feel happy and relaxed.

  • Accessories: You can advise your guests to carry accessories like sunglasses and hats to protect them from the harmful sun rays in the afternoon. The wedding planner in Udaipur can develop a theme that makes the accessories enhance the style of your wedding event. It will keep your guests protected and add a charm to your wedding.

A professional wedding planner can reflect your romance with the beautiful arrangements to make it a memorable occasion. The top wedding planners can doll up the venue in Udaipur to make it a fairytale affair with attractive elements that can make your wedding different from the usual ones. You will get a wedding surpassing your vision as the personalized arrangements will blow the minds of the guests.

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