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Top 10 Goals for Your Pre Wedding Photo-shoot – Best Wedding Photos Ideas


A pre-wedding photo shoot is a superb way to get to know your photographer, and for the photographer to understand your personalities better. It is also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera, which prepares you well for the picture marathon that your wedding is going to be.
pre-wedding photo shoot

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Here are some of the goals of the pre-wedding photo shoot:

  1. The personality: Find a photographer that matches your style: First things first. You need to book a photographer who can showcase your personality. Once you have browsed through someone’s work – you should have a fair idea about the kind of pictures that you might be able to get. Once you can visualize yourself in the photographer’s existing body of work – you have found the right match for your photo shoot. There are a lot of wedding venues in Jaipur having the beautiful background and only the best photographers can put good use of it.

  2. What outfit to wear for pre-wedding shoot?: Based on type of pictures you wish to have from above category, you can decide yourself or talk to your photographer. They are the best person to guide you for e.g. if you want silhouette kind of pictures then best dress for that is slightly hugging clothes so that a nice body shape is seen, Jaipur being a city of kings so if you choose to have the photo shoot done in the wedding venues in Jaipur itself, then a traditional attire will work wonderfully.

  3. Choosing location which matches your style: if you are from a royal background then your photo shoot can take place with a fort based background and if you are a fun loving couple a theme park will be the best fit. A lot of wedding venues in Jaipurare made within the forts. So people who want to add a royale shine to their photo shoot should always opt for wedding venues in Jaipur.

  4. Simplicity: In your pre-wedding shoot choose the one natural thing that you can done perfectly i.e. your smile as non editing software can work as fine as a natural smile.

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  5. Get amazing variety of photos: photo shoot should not be monotonous and the main aim of shooting in different locations with different attire is to form as many as memories as possible.

  6. Body language: Bring some Jazz to the 2 hours you are going to spend with your better half like you always do. The only difference here is that – there is a camera documenting your behaviour – Don’t over think. Have fun.

  7. Appreciation: Beautiful, wow, awesome are some of the impressions you want to leave on your relatives and friends when they see the pictures. So work accordingly and put the wedding venues in Jaipur to a greater use.

  8. For the couple to get used to being natural with a camera pointing at them: Most people aren’t used to this so it’s good to get a go at it when the results don’t matter as much. Because you can always retake a picture if you don’t like it in a pre-wedding shoot.

  9. Save the day: Take a photograph holding a placard showing your wedding date. It has a lot of emotions attached to it.

  10. Know the photographer: pre wedding photos are the direct reflection of what the photographer will shoot on the d-day. So pre wedding shoot is a multipurpose affair.

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