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Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas Suggested By Fiestro Events


Your wedding is the most special event for your family. So, everyone will get engaged in making your day more beautiful. Amidst the celebration, everyone needs some time to chill out. Including a photo booth is a great idea to include some fun moments. It will also assist you in remembering your most important day of life with fondness. If you are a modern couple, then you may not follow the classic poses to take pictures. The Fiestro events can include photo booth to take pictures with creativity. The wedding event planner can include the cool ideas that will increase the entertainment levels.

    • Chalkboard Photo booth: Looking for setting an eye-catching photo booth for your weddings? Then, the wedding decorator in Jaipur can include the chalkboard backdrop for taking amazing photos. The classically elegant design developed by passionate professionals will enhance the rustic theme of the wedding.

      Chalkboard Photo boothImage Source: Google Image

    • Hanging Photo Booth: Make your love story a backdrop of the photos by handing the photos of you and your sweetheart. It will add a romantic touch to the photos.

    • Vehicle Photo Booth: The innovative idea by the wedding event planner will make your photos look elegant and different from others. The auto, motorcycle, or cycle rickshaws adorned in flowers makes a vibrant and fun backdrop.

      Vehicle Photo BoothImage Source: Google Image

    • Quirky Props: Add color and vibrancy to the photos by installing a photo booth that can some cool props like umbrellas, glasses, boards, etc. It will include the fun element in your wedding.

    • Green Hedge Backdrop: For an outside theme wedding, the green hedge theme is perfect. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can make the backdrop beautiful with floral, greenery, and other decorations. The customized backdrop will induce the party vibe to the ceremony.

    • Paper Chain: Interested in minimalistic design? Then, the paper chain backdrop is perfect for your photo booth. The vibrant colors can enhance the appeal of the ceremony and add an oomph factor to it.

    • Door Screen: The old doors assembled together can enhance the aesthetic feel of the ceremony. The wedding event planner can make it look sophisticated and ooze charm.

Door ScreenImage Source: Google Image

  • Giant Monogrammed Photo Booth: Want to feel special? The giant monogrammed photo booth is perfect for you. It has you and your sweetheart’s initials in the backdrop. With attractive decoration, it makes the perfect backdrop for clicking memorable photos.

  • Heart Shaped Photo Booth: Appease the hardcore romantic in you with the heartwarming photo booth in the shape of the heart. The backdrop with the initials of the couples conveys the love story to the guests.

  • Ribbon And Lace: Fiestro events can develop exquisite photo booths to enhance the beauty of your wedding day. The cost-effective ideas like using colorful ribbon and lace as the backdrop can conquer people’s hearts without spending too much.

The photo booth is a great addition to your wedding ceremony as it can break the ice and enhance the fun-factor. Your friends, family members, and other guests can have a good time with the exciting, blush-inducing, and innovative photo booths by Fiestro events. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can treat your guests to a memorable time as they can mingle with others in front of the camera. It will capture the lovely moments of our wedding against some creative set-ups that you can share with others. Include the inspiring photo booth ideas in your wedding to make it different from others.

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