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Top 10 wedding gifts you should give to your friend


Of course you know your friend better than anyone else, and how could ever someone think of suggesting you what to gift your friend. But, when you this knows yourself better that you are not that good with the gifts, the search over the internet begins. First of all, let us tell you that we can only suggest you with some gifts, the final decision will be yours, but we assure you that no matter what gift you select out of these ten wedding gifts, you are never going to regret in future because your friend is going to love it.


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A Date Night Basket

You don’t need to think out of the box for this, just the things your friend love would go inside this basket. You could fill it with gift certificates for the romantic nights; you could pack some of ingredients of your friend’s favourite dish with a bottle of wine.


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Personalised Housewares

Buying household stuff is easy, and you could add some charm to them by getting them a little personalised. You could engrave them with couple’s initials or some funny nickname or anything that will make your friend remember you every time he/she sees it.


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You could gift some artwork your friend have always wanted, but never got a chance to buy one. Even if that’s not the case, the sculptures, and paintings looks good for the interior of the new house and who knows it could be the beginning of their collection of different arts.


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Gifting appliances are often thoughtful. If they both loves coffee, a coffee machine could be a great choice; if they are fond of cakes, an oven or microwave is a nice option. A cooker always remains something that hits the mark.


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Weekend Getaway

You could book the short holiday package for both of the couples. This will make them free from stress and could be one of the most memorable gift of all time. It could be a place your friend always wanted to visit, just remember that the place is suitable for both, and is nice and romantic.


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A fine bottle of wine, the one you could afford, but the one that kicks off the beginning of pleasant wine collection of your friend. Aged brandy or a superb scotch could be a best gift if your friend loves drinking spirits.


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Fancy Attire

Remember when your friend was not able to buy that dress because it’s too expensive to buy. You could surprise him/her with this beautiful fancy outfit. It could be anything that depicts the feeling of love when they drink coffee in the morning.


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This could be a perfect gift if you both are into sentimental feelings. Arrange all the photo that represents some really memorable moments of his/her life. You could mount them in a fancy or simple frame, may be with a little storyline.


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This is for the one who loves to cook, even if they both don’t cookbooks are best cheat sheet for so many delicious dishes that you always wanted to taste. Whenever your friend is stuck with the cooking, or want to have favourite dish at home, a cookbook will be a rescuer.


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In India, gifting an envelope with money has been since ages, and hence, you could never go wrong with this. Moreover, if you are finding difficult to choose a gift or your friend has everything you think of gifting, then gifting cash will be a best option.


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