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Top 5 Groom entry ideas suggested by Fiesta Events


The world is obsessed with bridal entry ideas. But does anyone think of the groom? Well, wedding planners do. They deserve an equally grand entry which is meant to take everyone’s breathe away and it has to be dynamic. Groom entry ideas started trending a few years ago and since then it has caught up as one of the special features that have to be present at a wedding. But how do you do that anyway? Well, we are here to help you out!

Move over the regular “ghodi-pe-entry.” It is 2018 and entry has to be synonymous with the age you are living in. If you can’t be in a movie, simple, you make your own and you make it an amazing one. Here are us, exploring the top 5 groom entry ideas that have set the wedding trend and it just gets better.

  • Choppers: Want to pull off a Mr. Grey thing? Well, rent a chopper. You hire them to drop you off at your wedding, literally. It is exciting, jaw-dropping and takes everyone by surprise. You can train in advance to get used to your body being held by a rope. Land on your feet first such that it is more stylish than goofy. It doesn’t cost a fortune and is affordable. If you are all set for a destination wedding, then you might just as well do it to sweep your bride off her feet.

  • Tractors: Well, if you are getting married at your family farmhouse or your village, tractors just fit the brief. It is quirky, it is dynamic and yes, closer to your heart too. Deck it up with the traditional theme and have it well set for the wedding day. Drive into the venue in swag and style to take her to breathe away. It is one of the most trending entrance ideas in 2018 and you better get started and fixing that tractor. Did someone say let’s get it done?

    Bride entry on TractorsImage Source: Google Image

  • Professional dancer: If brides’ dancing to a quirky number can be a thing, why should grooms be left behind? You could start off as a boring walk but then hold back and start it over. Break into a professionally trained dance routine with your friends. You know what’s better? You could dance and enter with a celebrity into the wedding taking everyone by surprise without fail. Try getting in touch with your event organizer in Jaipur to get you the best deals.

    Bride entry with Professional dancerImage Source: Google Image

  • Ambush and trick your way in: While everyone is waiting for you to enter, get a group of dancers and pyro-artists to distract everyone such that you sneak your way into the groom’s seat. After the performance is done, and everyone is still waiting, you can have a performance of your own at the stage making it the coolest groom entrance ever!

  • Elephants: Well, if you are still stuck in the horse thing, you might just as well get an elephant. It is a huge deal when weddings in Jaipur are concerned. You can contact a destination wedding planner in India to train elephants such that you can make a grand and royal entrance.

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