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Top 5 Unforgettable Ideas For Your Save The Date Announcements


Are you getting married? Then, you need to think about the creative ways to make your wedding a memorable event. Indian wedding includes all the rituals and traditions. But, it doesn’t mean that your wedding must look similar to others. You are special! So, your wedding must have unique ideas that can impress the guests and make everyone appreciate it. One aspect of the wedding event you can make unique is the save the date announcement. You have plenty of options to transform the normal save-the-date to make it original and quirky. The event organiser in Jaipur can help you choose the style that reflects your personality. The fun and innovative ideas can make your guests and make time to attend your wedding ceremony. So, check out the following creative save the date announcement ideas that can create an unforgettable impression on your guests.

  • Mystery Box: A puzzle or riddle always invokes intrigue in people. You can challenge your guests with the mysterious puzzle that reveals your wedding announcement. The personalized puzzle created by the destination wedding planner in India can inform about your big day in a unique and memorable manner. Once your guests solve the puzzle, you are sure to get phone calls and text messages. The creative idea can make an impact on everyone.

    Mystery BoxImage Source: Google Image

  • Intimate Design: Do you wish to make the wedding announcement in an intimate manner? Then, the event organiser in Jaipur can help you develop a design that reflects your personality and the love you have as a couple. The customized invite decorated with heart design or motif can make your guest feel special. You show the glimpse of your love and care to the people close to you with the invitation. The exclusive designs will touch the heart chords of your family and friends.

  • Movie Poster: Shaadi and Bollywood have a close association. The most beautiful weddings in India are mostly inspired from the Bollywood movies. The grandiose and sophisticated appeal of the filmy wedding captures everyone’s attention. Why not include it in your save the date announcement? Wondering how? The destination wedding planner in India can capture your love in a creative manner with the movie poster theme. You and your sweetheart can recreate the most iconic movie scene you both like. The announcement will make an impression on everyone.

    Movie PosterImage Source: Google Image

  • Message In A Bottle: How many movies or books have you seen with the romantic message in a bottle? It is a great choice for the save the date announcement for your destination or beach wedding. The destination wedding planner in India can use the cute message bottles with sands and seashells to inform your wedding date in style.

  • Ticket: You may have posted the tickets for the big events on your social media channels. The event organiser in Jaipur can adapt any theme of your choice for your wedding ceremony. Depending on your wedding theme, you can opt for the best one to make an impact. You can choose from sports, movies, concert, to the Broadway theme.

Save the date is one of the happiest announcement you can make to your family and friends. With the latest trend sweeping the marriage ceremonies, you can include the innovative save-the-dates. The destination wedding planner in India can help you share the special news with a creative spin.

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