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Trending Mandap Designs For The Perfect Wedding Planner In India


Mandaps are the crucial part of Indian weddings. The four pillars around the mandap symbolize the parents of the couples who have grown them up to become a man and woman. The wedding planner in India understands this significance and work towards carving out the best mandap for each wedding they plan.

Not only the wedding planners but also the couple give double their effort to bring out a beautiful mandap that is picturesque, beautiful and works as the best background while they are taking the seven oaths of marriage. The best wedding planner in India picks exclusive themes to make the mandap stunning and memorable. decorated with exquisite taste and style, the mandap is created to meet the individual style of the wedding couples.

Below are the examples of trending mandap designs for a perfect Indian wedding;

  • Unique, dramatic ceiling mandap with stage: The ceiling mandap with the stage is a unique style of blending both the parts in one piece, such that you don’t need two separate spaces for both.

    Unique, dramatic ceiling mandap with stageImage Source: Google Images

  • Arabian theme: This has become a favorite of the top 10 wedding planner in India. Filigree lamps with jeweled pillars around the mandap give the feel of Arabian nights. The plusher curtains, the drapes, and the hanging lamps are enough to mesmerize the oath-taking couples.

  • Bells: Wedding mandap is like a temple where the couples take the holy oath and tie in the wedlock. Most south-Indian weddings have mastered the art of converting the mandap into my temples by adding the bells of different shapes and sizes. They decorate the bells with beautiful flowers and make the mandap look beautiful.

    Bells DecorationImage Source: Google Images

  • Twigs: If you are planning a beach wedding in autumn, then the mandaps made up of twigs are really happening this year. Wedding planner in Indiauses the minimalistic items to deck up the mandap for an autumn look. They are cost effective with a new perspective and look beautiful as well. the wedding planners decorate the mandaps with some additional flowers as well.

  • Pink mandap: Imaging a beautiful runaway pink mandap amidst the blue sea! The meeting aura of the colors is enough to give the bride and the groom some goose bumps. The top 10 wedding planner in India is playing with colors to create visually effective mandaps.

    Pink mandapImage Source: Google Images

  • Flower chandeliers: Mandaps are no more the place where the bride and the groom take wedding vows. It is a stage where most pictures are clicked of the newly wedded couples. The bunch of assorted flowers is transformed into chandeliers overhead to make a great photo op for the wedding.

  • Red and gold: Authentic yet classy! You can never fail with this combination. Red and gold are the most royal wedding decor for the mandaps. The world knows red and gold as the synonymouscolor to an Indian wedding. So why leave this combination aside! Complete with strings of white jasmine and tea lights, the mandap certainly becomes the best part of the wedding décor.

    Red and goldImage Source: Google Images

Today, the best wedding planner in India is trying uniqueness to recreate the mandaps into something classy yet exceptional and make the day memorable!

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