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Trending Mehandi Design Ideas For Your Feet


Indian wedding is incomplete without certain small yet significant aspects. One such auspicious element is Mehandi. Putting Mehandi on the hands and feet is important for married women, so it holds an important place in our culture. The top 10 wedding planner in India understands it and offers you wonderful designs to adorn the feet. Complete your wedding look with the touch of Mehandi that can capture the hearts of onlookers and your sweetheart. Ditch the normal designs as some of the trendiest designs are available to enhance your look.

  • Jaali design: If you are a traditional bride, then jaali Mehandi is the best for you. The wedding planner in India can find the right artist who can produce the mesh-net kind of design with patience. The masterpiece design is also suitable for the modern bride as the variations can appeal to anyone. The netting art is available in different forms from the pretty delicate design on the feet, intricate design with a twist, unique patterned design, to minimalistic design. You can choose depending on your choice and wedding attire.

    Jaali designImage Source: Google Image

  • Floral Design: Incorporate the love for flowers in your Mehandi design as the best wedding planner in India can provide you with beautiful floral designs. You have a wide variety of choices as you can choose the floral design with unique motifs, decorate with colors and stones or just a floral string that covers the entire feet.

  • Arabic Design: The Arabic design is currently trending as the intricate pattern on the legs and hands offer you a sense of coherence. The extraordinary design resembles a footwear, so you can flaunt your legs in style. The top 10 wedding planner in India can help you find the Mehandi designer who can put the design on your feet to accentuate your beauty.

    Arabic DesignImage Source: Google Image

  • Anklet Design: The wedding planner in India can suggest the anklet mehndi design for the brides who love their leg jewelry. With the most gorgeous designs, you can flaunt your feet. The stunning design adds grace to the legs. Therefore, the skillful artists can make you feel like a queen as the design will cover your whole feet to accentuate its beauty. The alluring combination of chain, floral, and lace pattern is creative and sophisticated.

  • Bangle Design: Change the trend of wearing bangles on the hands. If you are wondering how then the answer is with the bangle Mehandi design. The best wedding planner in India can help you with it as the skillful artist can develop unique designs for your legs. So, bring your best forward literally as the masterpiece designs will allure everyone.

Indian marriages mean grand and visually appealing. So, the bride is decked from head to toe to make her look like a princess. Decorating the feet is significant to enhance the beauty of the bride. Hence, you can opt for the Mehandi designs that will make your feet alluring. You can opt from the trendy designs that are sweeping the world. Therefore, try the attractive and attention-garnering designs as leaving the feet bare or mediocre designs is a blasphemy.

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