Top 10 wedding planner and event Management Company in Jaipur

Try out the Best Event Management Companies in Jaipur


The state of Rajasthan is royal. From the sand dunes, the ways of the people and the mahals all show us of the royal way of life. Likewise the events in Rajasthan show glamour and splendor. Event management companies do just that. They make these events memorable fill it up with lots of fun,food laughter and glamour. Nowadays people who has ever help to organise a school event or has brought the cake in your birthday calls themselves an event manager. Let’s go through a few things to help you choose the best event management company in Jaipur.
Try out the Best Event Management Companies in Jaipur

  • Knowing your needs: Firstly make a wish list of what you want. Whether a family function a corporate party or team building exercise, charity fundraiser ora product launch.Make sure the company can deliver your needs. Do not indulge too much describing and trust in their expertise. Keep it short and crisp and see the options they offer you. Also get to know the types of events they organize.

  • Venue & transportation: Do you have a specific location in your mind ? is it the back of your office or far away ?talk with the management company and get to know if they can plan the event on the venue you are offering. Does the company has local contacts at the venue and be able to organize the services with local contacts or everything has to be shipped at extra expense.
    Venue & transportation

    Also make sure all issues with transportation will be comprehensively solved and all your guests will arrive on time. Ask the company about the back up plans they have if something goes wrong.

    Will they be able to arrange the delegates accommodation and be available to answer any queries from the delegates about travel arrangements and accomodation, so that they have a sense of being looked after.

  • Doing a background check of the company: With so many startups coming up this is a very important point. Also due to legal and contractual obligations along with checking the quality of their work. it never harms to know a little bit about the company you are choosing. If you are going with a smaller company it is very important to know the existence of their office. The last thing would be to make an advanced payment and never hear from them again.

  • The Experience and presentation:

    Experience along with the price play the most important role in picking up the company. Reason ?

    Experience is accumulated via practice, while the number of successfully completed jobs shows quality. Ask the company for video references and presentation on previously organized events. Enquire if they can produce the invites for your event, then are they able to produce packs and corporate literature and promotional displays too. You can contact previous customers and ask for their opinion.

  • Communication with others: Communication is the most important part of an event manager. A good event manager will be available and accessible and approachable. Good social and communications are necessary since working with large number of people requires advanced communication skills.

  • Associates: The company you hire organizes the event but the staff, external partners, and agencies created it. Therefore, it is important to find out as much possible about them, whether local or outside and their reputation in the market.

  • Ensuring quality equipment: If the event you are organizing requires lights and sound,logistics or some more specific equipment then ask whether the provides such equipments or they outsource the service.

    Ensuring that all the equipment are of the optimum quality can save you major embarrassment during the event.

Lastly the company should be able to provide a clear schedule for he day and be open to making any alterations that you ask for. They should always keep you posted and updated about all the changes taking place.

Well organising an event successfully is a humongous task with many ifs and buts. a great number of areas should be taken into consideration while selecting an event management company. If you go through each of them slowly and carefully you will surely be the belle of the ball when the event is actually taking place.

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