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Wedding and Sangeet Party Ideas You Would Like To Add To Your Checklist


The Wedding and Sangeet are the fun-filled events that add fun to the actual wedding. It gives a mesmerizing prelude to the wedding ceremony as it inspires your friends and family to come together and let their hair down. The music, dance, activities, etc. will create memories that will last forever. The wedding planner in India will add a twist to your wedding with the innovative idea to have a rocking party night that everyone will enjoy.

  • A flash mob: Add the fun to the party with the innovative concept of a flash mob that will add a surprise element to the event. The best wedding planner in India will assist you in executing the captivating idea that will ass fun to the wedding. It is the fun way to start a pre-wedding party as the impromptu flash mob by your cousins and friends will attract everyone. The rhythmic dancing will entice others to join them to make it a fun-filled night.

  • Family Dance: Include your family in the pleasurable events leading to your wedding day by organizing a family dance. The destination wedding planner in India will ensure your close family member’s participation to make the dance exciting. Let them shake their legs to the happy wedding songs that will garner appreciation from everyone with whistles, hoots, and clap. It will tempt everyone to dance to the tune that will add immense excitement to the event.

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  • Award Night: The wedding planner in India can develop innovative ideas for your sangeet or pre-wedding party as they have a highly creative team to make your wedding stand apart from others. Integrate the Indian love of movies by organizing an award night for the family and friends. Create fun categories and nominate people for the award. You can build suspense until the end to keep them on toes, which will add zing to the event.

  • Family Karaoke: Give an opportunity to your loved ones to showcase their singing talent on stage by organizing a family karaoke night. The destination wedding planner in India will help you with the preparations to keep the craziness quotient high. It will make them feel like a celebrity to make your wedding experience a memorable one. You can encourage your relatives to take part in the event to make alluring and memorable forever.

  • Newspaper Dance: The best wedding planner in India will bring the couples at the party together to organize a paper dance competition. It will bring out the craziness in them as it is challenging as well as entertaining. Every couple needs to dance to music around a sheet of paper, which will amuse the guests. It will bring sweet memories back to everyone as they will have a great time laughing and goofing around. You can bring everyone together for the event to make sure they have an enjoyable time.

The creative ideas by the destination wedding planner in India will warm the guests and make them participate in the event to have a gala time. Everyone will forget their phones and take part in the event. The beautiful memories will remain etched in the memory forever and add excitement to the actual wedding.

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