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Wedding car decoration ideas for your wedding


The first car ride as a newly wedded couple is an enthralling and one of the most memorable moments. Hence, the wedding decorations in Jaipur take charge to deck up your wheels with beautiful creations.

The wedding planner in India shares some of the escalating ideas on decking up the wedding car and makes your grand exit a memorable one. Traditionally it is the groom’s side that takes charge of decorating the car, however, these days wedding decorators take up the charge in their hands. The rooms friend and the wedding decorates reconcile their styles ideas and beautify the car.

The first and most important thing that you need to take care before decorating the car is to take permission from the car vendor. Obviously, you do not want to fall into any legal issues for your creativity.

  • Flower Garland: If you and your bride love the minimalistic look or have hired a luxury car, that you donot want to cover with heavy decor; you may go for flower garlands. Adding beautiful garlands may slay the complete look for the just married couples. The wedding planner in India uses exclusive flowers like orchids and lilies for the decor.

    Flower GarlandImage Source: Google Image

  • Fabric sign: Using fabrics is another minimalistic yet classic idea to decorate your luxury car. You may use a different style of calligraphy and fonts to write “Just Married” on the fabric. You may get it hung at the back of the car along with a beautiful garland of flowers.

  • Beautiful bouquets: If you love to have heavy decorations yet want it to look classy, you may go for bouquet style decorations. Select bouquets of your favorite flower and get it stuck on your car. Either chose a single bouquet or a number of bouquets to decorate your car. Use flowers of contrasting colors to give it an amazing look.

    Beautiful bouquetsImage Source: Google Image

  • Bumper framing: When bouquet design is not your cup of tea, and you prefer the more minimalistic look, then go for bumper decorations. The wedding decorator decorates the bumper frames of your car with beautiful flowers. You may use lilies, orchids, tulips, roses, carnations, and marigolds as well. The flowers make the decor eye-catching and do not look fussy.

  • Ribbons: Ribbons may sound weird, but trust the wedding planner in Jaipur; they look equally royal when used with fresh or paper flowers. Using the decor on the handle of the front-rear door or just the bumper may look extravagantly classy and royal. Trust the wedding decoration in India, the guests will be awestruck by the beauty of the wedding car.

  • Unique rear decoration: If you do not want to go over the top, you may go for unique rear style decoration as well. Just like the bumper decoration, the wedding decorators get the bumper ready with the flower arrangements. As you bid goodbye to your guests, they will be greeted with the rear decorations.

  • Balloons: It may look childish, but if you are having a day wedding, balloons may be a great idea for car decoration. Get a bunch of colorful balloons to stick to your car, and once you bid adieu to your guests, you release the balloon in the sky.

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