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Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator- What, Which & Why


Building a home starts from choosing a life partner; the social process is named wedding. The perfect wedding environment is important as the different ceremonies bind the couple for lifetime commitment. Wedding is the most important happening of life that every couple wants going smooth as per the wish. Every couple has some dreams to make true at wedding day but many of these fail to shape up their plans because of absence of professional perfection, experience and time. The involvement of wedding event planner or wedding coordinator fills all the gaps ensuring the seamless experience of seeing the plans and wishes taking shape without any hassle.

  • Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator- The Difference: As the trends of particular theme wedding or destination wedding are getting more and more popularity year after year, different terms like wedding event planner, destination wedding event organizer, wedding coordinator, destination wedding planner in India have started to surface in circles. Hiring the one among the top wedding planners in India is the choice of everyone but just following the trend may not serve the purpose; therefore, it is must to understand ‘what, which & why’ of wedding planner and wedding coordinator.

    Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator
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  • Scope of Responsibilities of Wedding Planner: Hiring a destination wedding planner is just like making a new friend to whom you rely for figuring out your wedding details. Wedding planner is the most involved professional before, throughout and even after the wedding. The scope of responsibilities of wedding planner is unlimited but following twelve are the more in common expectations:

    Scope of Responsibilities of Wedding Planner
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    1. Wedding budgeting

    2. Venue booking

    3. Recommending & booking the best performing vendors

    4. Finalizing the vendor contracts

    5. Management /supervision of vendors

    6. Event theme designing including decoration

    7. Guest list preparations and tracking the RSVPs

    8. Finalizing the layouts, floor plans for each ceremony, seating charts etc

    9. Procurement of necessary items

    10. Booking the accommodations

    11. Planning for all the wedding-related activities including for post wedding brunch

    12. Ensuring the seamless experience to one and all

  • Scope of Responsibilities of Wedding Coordinator: The wedding coordinator is an experienced professional hired to coordinate with different people on the wedding day. The scope of responsibilities of wedding coordinator is less than the scope of responsibilities of wedding planner but this professional is as important as the other. The wedding coordinator helps to execute the planned events, activities, and arrangements without involving the couple or family members. He takes care of everything and ensures that everything goes smooth. The professional behind the curtain helps you execute plans that you developed with the help of wedding planner. The scope of responsibilities of wedding coordinator includes coordinating with selected vendors like caterer, florist, transporter, decorator etc in addition to coordinate with guests ensuring them ultimate comfort. The wedding coordinator can be hired for the entire wedding event or for a particular event. The hired wedding coordinator is expected to have a professional qualification for ensuring the personalized service to groom and bride both making them stress free to enjoy the day at the most.

  • Why Should You Hire Wedding Planner Or Wedding Coordinator: The scope of responsibilities of both the professionals depends upon the budget and requirements. The wedding event planner gets involved at the initial stage and remains involved until the last guest departs. Wedding coordinator can be hired for particular wedding day or event but hiring this professional for all the events makes the couple and family members not only stress free but confident also for getting the best worth of their investment. Should you hire one or both? It depends upon your budget and the available time with you to get involved with on the site and off the site vendors. The hiring of both is a good option but if you have budget constraints, you can limit the scope of responsibilities.

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