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Wedding roles and responsibilities: Who does what?


Wedding planning requires a lot of hard work and is more than partying and celebrating the ceremony. After getting engaged, we can easily see that the to-do list will be a mile high. A successful wedding is always the result of a team effort. Also, making someone a part of this team shows your trust and intimacy with them. Preparing a checklist of who will be in-charge of what will definitely help you stay organized. From small things to big arrangements, dividing the work will reduce the burden. So, scroll through for the wedding roles and responsibilities and who does what.

  • Bride and Groom: Of course, getting married is their biggest responsibility but there are some myriad planning decisions which they need to make. As they are going to start a new life together, it is better for the bride and the groom to take these decisions together and share the workload. The foremost responsibility of them is to set the budget. The other important responsibilities include choosing the date and venue, shopping, preparing the guest list, selecting the menu, picking the photographer etc. Also, when it comes to shopping the bride and groom can also take the help of their friends or parents. Most of the betrothed couples prefer to get married in the stunning wedding venues in Jaipur.

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  • Bride’s Parents: Usually, the bride parents will have the privilege of footing the bill for most of the wedding expenses. But these days, the bills are evenly distributed among the bride’s parents and groom’s parents. Whatever the case may be, the bride’s parents will also have to hold some other responsibilities. They guide the bride in preparing the guest list and host the engagement party. Also, they can give a helping hand in the selection of wedding outfits for bride and groom.

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  • Groom’s Parents: Though the role of the groom’s parents is somewhat less, they still play a vital role in the wedding. Sticking to the agreed number of guests and include some to the guest list is their task. They also can consult the bride’s parents on attire. If the wedding is taking place in their hometown then they have to take the responsibility of calling the officiant (Pandit) to officiate the nuptial knot ceremony. Generally, they are responsible for paying for the honeymoon.

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  • Wedding Planners: The wedding planners play a key role in the conceptualization, preparation,and execution of a wedding. A wedding planner in Rajasthan takes the time out to get to know the bride and groom and find their likes and dislikes so that they can coordinate the wedding program as desired by the would-be couple. From decoration to food catering, the wedding planners take the responsibility of organizing the wedding perfectly.

Whether you are planning a destination wedding by collaborating with a wedding planner in Goa or like to have a simple event, the guidance of parents and friends play a key role. Also, you can include your best buddies not only to enjoy the wedding but to help in the arrangements. Good teamwork is needed for a perfect fairy-tale like a wedding.

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