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What Type of Wedding Planner is Right for You?


The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable events in everyone’s life. But planning for a perfect wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. No matter how many efforts we put in, one or the other thing always goes wrong. Planning the wedding takes a lot of hard work, but hiring a planner is a surefire way to lighten your load. So, you can just focus on getting married and enjoy each and every moment of the D-Day. There are several types of wedding planners. Scroll through to know what sets them apart and who is the best for you based on budget and other needs.

  • Full Service: The full service is also known as All Inclusive. A full-time service planner handles it all from design to coordination and from start to finish. They manage the overall vision, hiring and meeting with vendors, arranging weekend activities for your guests etc. They are best for the couples who want constant guidance and professional opinion from the get-go. The top wedding planners who belong to this type are the best choice for the betrothed couple who need help with smaller details of a wedding.

  • Month-of Planner: The month-of planners are pros at stepping in to handle any unforeseen snafus in the weeks leading up to the wedding. They also help with miscellaneous, last-minute things that need to be taken care of such as final contract negotiations, scheduling deliveries, making vendor payments etc. The couples who want to plan most of their wedding themselves consider the month-of planners to help in easing the stress load, especially during the crunch time.

  • Day-of Coordinator: A day-of coordinator will have a chat with clients a handful of times to create a game plan. But their responsibility will be to orchestrate everything that takes place on the actual wedding day. Their major tasks regularly include greeting vendors, directing them to proper places, managing decoration set-up,and break-down, ensuring that the day is running as per schedule etc.

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  • A la Carte: No two weddings are exactly alike. That’s why some event planners allow the clients to pick and choose some specific services they don’t need and pass on the ones they don’t. They are the part-time pros who help you in shaping up the event by giving suggestions regarding decoration, vendor recommendations etc. Creating a custom planning package can be a great option for couples who have a limited budget, but want professional guidance.

  • Event Designer: The event designer focuses on pulling together the overall look of the day rather than organizing the logistical details which include the timeline and budget. They are professionals that help you with the visual side of the wedding such as creating beautiful table scapes, color palette, etc. They take your wedding to the next level.

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Also, when you are planning a wedding from afar then the destination wedding coordinator comes to the rescue. The best wedding planner in Udaipur is a trust-worthy professional for scouting the venue and get a firsthand account of everything. As you have already got a vision about the types of wedding planners, try to end up with someone who is not only great at negotiating the contracts but have the ability to design a beautiful wedding.

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