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Yes, Off Beat Destination Wedding Is Cheaper than You Think


Destination wedding in India is the hottest trend. Most of wedding couples love the idea to tie the knot at special place offering the ideal environment up their plans and liking. However, it is a common misconception in most of the communities that destination wedding is a costly affair meant only for the economically elite community of large business owners and celebrities; while it is not so. Instead, destination wedding is cheaper than traditional wedding provided you hire an efficient, experienced and knowledgeable wedding event planner with specialization in managing the weddings at the preferred locations.

  • Top Wedding Planners Always Recommend Destination Wedding: If you approach the top wedding planners for a low budget dream marriage, they will certainly recommend destination wedding. Luckily, India offers of options to choose the locations as per special liking like beach wedding, royal wedding, historical wedding, romantic wedding, features and off the beat wedding etc. Udaipur, Jodhpur, Neemrana, Goa, Jaipur, backwaters of Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Shimla, Agra, Lavasa , Mandu, Banks of Ganga in Rishikesh & Benaras etc are some beautiful destination wedding cities. However, the ultimate experience of destination wedding can be availed only by hiring the best destination wedding planner in India; here, the ‘best’ doesn’t necessarily means the ‘costliest’. The approach should be to hire the one with remarkable achievements at preferred location. For example, if you choose Jaipur to make the destination marriage grand within limited budget, hire the best appealing event management company In Jaipur.

  • Off Beat Wedding Destinations in India: Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur are the top trending wedding destinations closely followed by Goa also. By choosing the off the beat wedding locale, not only you save a lot but you can also add unique flavor to marriage plan. Some of the best off beat wedding destinations are:

Mandu is a little town in Madhya Pradesh. I know you might not have heard about it but just the visit will make the heart skip a beat. The spell-binding beauty of ancient architectural monuments, each street dripped in history, romantic sagas of Rani Roopmati and many other aspects make this place a perfect wedding destination in India that is different and cost effective also. As being set amidst the Satpura mountains, it offers ideal environment for anytime marriage. The nearby Pachmarhi town is the best option to arrange a visit of guests to entertain them in memorable way.

Mandu is a little town in Madhya PradeshImage Source: Google Image

Lavasa located near Pune is claimed to be India’s first well planned hill station inspired by a city in Italy. The small hill station offers all that a wedding couple expects at wedding destination – waterfalls, lakes, winding roads, breathtaking views and mountains. Away from the chaos of major wedding destinations in India, it is emerging fast as the choice for budget marriages.

Lavasa located near PuneImage Source: Google Image

Shimla in Himachal Pradesh offers the perfect mountain backdrop for wedding. The splendid Himalayas cuddles up this beautiful city in contemporary and conventional both the styles. Just the feel of getting married amidst the green hills, ceremony in forest guest houses, marrying at river side camp inspires you to give a thought for discussing Shimla as the wedding destination with the hired event management company.

Backwaters of Kerala are the emerging fast as the favorite of couples planning to make the wedding time the most romantic with high privacy. Away from the crowd of popular wedding destinations and rush for booking the venue, it offers picturesque backdrop for ceremonies. The backwaters are so beautiful that these put forth the nature in guests’ eyes forever. The numbers of beaches covered with high coconut palm trees, lovely houseboats, calm aquatic environment and still virgin nature make it an ideal choice for the wedding in other than couple of monsoon months.

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