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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Mandap Designs


Hindu weddings are rich in tradition with each ritual having a greater significance in the life. So, if you are getting married, then you need to know the importance of Mandap designs. The mandap is the auspicious place where the wedding rituals take place. As it is the central element of your wedding, only selected number of people stand underneath.The Wedding Decorator in Jaipur knows the sacred importance of Mandap, where wedding rituals take place. They will arrange the mandap to encompass the rituals of taking phera, putting sindoor, placing mangal sutra on the neck your bride, and exchanging garlands. There are intriguing things about mandap designs that you may not know. So, before getting married, know the facts about the sacred mandap.

Mandap design ideas

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  1. New Life: The mandap has four pillars each symbolizing the stages of life like Brahmacharya (single life), Grihastha (married life), Vanaprastha (giving up worldly life) and Sanyasa(renunciation). Therefore, it signifies that you are starting the new phase of your life with your loved one.

  2. Upholding values: When you are starting your life under the mandap, it upholds the value of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha by both you and your wife in your married life.

  3. Encompassing the Nature: The four corners of the mandap symbolize the four elements of nature of air, water, fire, and earth. The top part of the mandap (canopy) represents the fifth element, space.

  4. Abundance of Nature: The decorations in the different colors and the items used in the mandap decorations like turmeric, banana leaves, beetle leaves, mango leaves, etc. signify the nature’s bounty that will make the family life happy. The wedding decorator in Jaipur will design the mandap that will make your family life happy.

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  5. Purity: A pot (Kalash) with holy water denotes the purity of the soul that is an integral part of the ceremony.

  6. Unification of Senses: The Kalash has a coconut with five mango leaves that signify the unification of the five senses in the human body.

  7. Balancing: The Kalash with all the items represents the balancing of the body, mind, and soul that will give a happy and prosperous life.

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  8. Fire as Witness: The whole marriage ceremony takes place with the fire as awitness as it stands for purity. The promises made with the fire as awitness will bind you and your sweetheart to the eternity. The wedding decorator in Jaipur will arrange the mandap that follows the safety regulations. Therefore, you can have the ceremony with peace of mind as no complications will arise.

  9. Height: The mandap has the height of eight feet that will make the execution of all the rituals easy without any complications.

  10. Prosperity in life: The mandap has the glimpse of the wealth that signifies that the couple will have a prosperous life. The wedding decorator in Jaipur will include all the items needed for the ritual that will make your future life happy.

Your traditional wedding must integrate all the rituals to make your wedding a happy occasion for you and your family members. So, the wedding decorator in Jaipur will modernize the decor without missing any details of the rituals that will make the elders in your family happy.

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