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Couple Chair Decoration Ideas Suggested By The Wedding Planner In India For Your Big Day


Sometimes, little things that you overlook can matter the most while preparing for a wedding ceremony. The essence of your wedding lies in the small, intricate details that have the capability to reflect your personal style and character. Therefore, to make your customized wedding ceremony look endearing, you need to pay attention to details like the couple chair decoration. Gone are the days when the couple opted for huge sofas or chairs with a velvet cloth. Today, the couple chair look more cute and appealing. So, the wedding planner in Jaipur can suggest some stunning ideas for the chair that will look appealing. The chairs adorned with various embellishments will look great on photos and tempt every single person in your wedding list to have one for their own wedding ceremony.

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  • Funny Quotes: Want to leave your guests in splits while looking at the couple chair? Then, the wedding planner in Goa can come up with the funny quotes imprinted on the couple’s chairs. The creative planner can also use cartoon caricatures of the bride and groom to add quirkiness to the reception ceremony. Everyone who sees the chairs will get amused for sure.

  • Floral Wreath With Monograms: The wedding venues in Jaipur ooze sophistication and charm. So, when you plan to conduct your reception ceremony in such attractive locations, you need to come up with some interesting ideas for the couple’s chair to reflect your style. The bride and groom’s monograms on the chairs will add a personal touch to the ceremony. Adorned with floral wreath decoration, the chairs will capture the attention of your guests.

  • Classy White Drapes: Want a classy appeal for your reception ceremony? Then, the wedding planner in Rajasthan can drape your chair beautifully with the white cloth and amp it with pretty roses. The baby pink roses will look stunning as the couple’s chair will offer a stunning visual picture that looks straight from the pages of a magazine.

    Classy White DrapesImage Source: Google Image

  • Wooden Boards With Flowers: Tired with the similar looking couple’s chair decoration? Then, the wedding planner in Jaipur can add a rustic charm to the decoration with the rustic wooden boards. The calligraphy on the wooden boards looks stunning against the white chairs. The rustic wooden markers will fit right in with your wedding decoration. So, add the barnyard vibes to your reception ceremony with the decoration ideas.

  • Nicknames For Personal Event: The couple who wish to have a warm and welcoming reception ceremony can use the assistance from the wedding planner in India. The creative planner can add a personal touch to the ceremony by imprinting the nicknames of the bride and groom. So, the cute and eye-appealing adornments will ooze warmth.

You and your partner have planned and envisioned the wedding ceremony for quite a time. So, you need the assistance of a professional like the wedding planner in Goa to make it a reality. To make the couple the stars of the show, the planner can use ideas that will stand out during the ceremony. The decoration of the party seats of the couple will enhance the appeal of the wedding venues in Jaipur can make your event special.

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