Decor Trend Ideas By The Wedding Planner In India: Most Unique Mandap Ideas By Fiestro Events

Decor Trend Ideas By The Wedding planner In India: Most Unique Mandap Ideas By Fiestro Events


Indian wedding has a lot of rituals and traditions. You follow it to start a new phase of your life with your beloved. Taking the vows to love and cherish your sweetheart for the lifetime under the Mandap is another significant factor of the wedding. The wedding must have a sanctified corner that will witness the seven vows you take with your partner. To make the moment beautiful and heart touching, you need the right kind of decor and setup. It will accentuate the beauty of the moment and look stunning in the photographs. So, get the assistance from the wedding planner in Jaipur for some mesmerizing and unique Mandap ideas that will make your ceremony dreamy.

  • Dreamy Mandaps With Drapes And Flowers: Do you wish to include pretty mandaps in your wedding ceremony? Then, you can opt for the dreamy designs with beautiful drapes and pastel color flowers. The floral decoration twined along the pillars of the mandap make it look pretty. The color-coordinated drapes and the floral arrangements will add enticing appeal to the sacred space. The top wedding planners can take inspiration from your suggestion to create a mesmerizing decor.
    Dreamy Mandaps With Drapes And Flowers

  • Circular Mandap Oozing Beauty: Taking the vows to your sweetheart under the sky is romantic. The wedding planner in Udaipur can skillfully create a circular mandap that will look alluring at night. It is perfect for your nighttime wedding ceremony as the beautiful floral decoration strung around the roof will feel exotic. Take your sacred vows under the sky of flowers.
    Circular Mandap Oozing Beauty

  • Kaleeras Adorned Mandap: Kaleeras are essential elements for an Indian wedding. It is worn by the brides in the wedding ceremony to make her look stunning. Why not use the kaleeras for your mandap decoration? Intrigued, isn’t it? The wedding planner in India can use kaleeras and golden bells and hang from the ceiling of the mandap to make space look sacred. The use of drapes and flowers will enhance the appeal and make the space perfect to take the vows.

  • Burst Of Yellow: Couple having a summer wedding need vibrant color schemes for their wedding decor. The top wedding planners can include the auspicious and warm yellow color to the mandap to make it impressive. The skilled planners can create a canopy adorned with floral arrangements. The mandap will look cool on a warm sunny day. The pop of color added by the followers will give a contrasting appeal to the ceremony and add an edge of elegance to it.

  • Pastel Love: The wedding planner in Udaipur will offer a romantic yet dreamy appeal to your mandap by using the pastel shades. The pretty colors with coordinated drapes will look perfect for your beach wedding. Make your destination wedding memorable with an eye-catching mandap design.
    Pastel Love

Do you know that you get photographed the most when you take your vows under the sacred mandap? The pheras and rituals are integral to an Indian wedding. Therefore, you need to opt for a stunning mandap design to make the lifelong commitment to your sweetheart. The wedding planner in India can do wonders by creating mandaps that will become the focal point of your wedding. The inspired designs by the creative planner will blend color, color, and style to make you celebration memorable.

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