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DIY paper elements ideas for your mehndi decoration


Weddings are an elaborate affair in India. With themed ideas and decorations becoming the norm, it is only obvious that the occasions have to be styled differently and elaborately to suit the occasion. The generic Rajasthani theme has been done and dusted to the core. Haven’t you been looking for something fresh and new which just pops that nip in the air? A great venue and great decor is something that our new age brides look for and we have just the list curated for you.

So, it is time for Mehandi, but you haven’t found something new yet? Well, this might just help you and your wedding planner decide! We are all for recycling and we recommend you give a slight eco-friendly touch to your wedding by reusing the paper elements which can also be painted and customized to serve as decorations.

  • Paper wheels: Paper wheels are nostalgic, true, but they serve as the best decoration items. It is fun, quirky and can be used in several colors unless you want to explore the adventurous monochrome. It is a wedding, it has got to be colorful. Use texture, tones, patterns and the likes which are different from one another to add the depth of feel to the items. Get hold of your bridesmaids and friends to make it out of the papers you have at home which can be built from scratch. Isn’t that a fun way to get everyone to participate in the ceremony too? Personalization is the key and that is what we are aiming for here.

    Paper wheelsImage Source: Google Image

  • Origami: Make birds, umbrellas, feathers, out of paper using your origami skills and weave them up in threads such that they can be used as hangings. Be its ceiling, walls, door, or even that entry to the tent like the item, origami art has never failed to impress anyone. Use different kinds of papers. It could be glazed, it could be a shiny one, depending on how much are you willing to use and reuse. Don’t have a color that excites you? Well, even the top 10 wedding planners in India, aren’t satisfied with the first color they find. You can still whip up a combination and make use of a different palette to suit the needs.

  • Paper Fans: Didn’t you spend your childhood rolling out those paper fans when you were bored at that history class? Well, wedding planners in India have taken that piece of boredom to another level by using those fans as a decor item. Weave it up, build different patterns, name cards or even table decor using those paper fans. You can use different textures to make it beautiful. Even the best wedding planners in India have managed to take this simple piece of art and build lucrative backdrop out of it. Well, a mehndi ceremony has to be amazing. Given that occasion is a usually a day event, you can go bonkers on the colors making it as exciting as it can get.

    Paper FansImage Source: Google Image

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