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Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas


Is your friend or relative getting married? Then, you need to gift them something thoughtful and appropriate. Finding the perfect gift is not as easy as it sounds. You have to opt between a whimsical or practical gift. You also need to think about the lasting capability. Why not gift them a sustainable present that will lighten the carbon footprint. It will help the couple start their new life without the guilt of harming the environment. The wedding planner in Udaipur can come up with some eco-friendly gift ideas that prioritize the reusability, sustainable lifestyles, and environmental health.

  • Green Home Decor: Are your aware that the home decor items rule the wedding gifts? It is the perfect gift for a couple who want to start their new life in style. The top wedding planners can make the home decor gifts eco-friendly. So, instead of the plastic decorative items, the professionals suggest recycle glass or natural items like bamboo, wood, etc. you can buy beautiful and exquisite products that never harm the atmosphere. Therefore, the wedding gifts with a green twist can make it unforgettable.

  • Pots And Planters: Sustainable pots and planters suggested by the wedding planner in Udaipur is the fitting, environmental friendly wedding gift. The beautiful flowing plants or seeds ready to grow in small pots of wood, metal, clay or other materials can make the home of the newlyweds attractive. The piece of nature can help them come close to nature. It is an ideal gift for couples who live in metro cities and cannot maintain a garden. For the cooking enthusiast couple, opt the herbs in the pots that will help them add flavor to their cooking. The low-maintenance gift can impress the newlyweds.

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  • Handicrafts And Antiques: India is a country rich n culture and tradition. So, the beautiful antiques can bring joy to the couple. The handicrafts and antiques are the reminders of the rich tradition. So, it is the perfect gift for an Indian wedding. The top wedding planners can help you choose the perfect antique or handicrafts gifts that will last for a long time. The stunning gift not only decorates the house but also reduces the need to buy something else. Another feature of the gift is its reusability. The recycling factor makes it the ideal eco-friendly gift for your friend or close relative.

  • Striking Portrait: Portraits of the couple are one of the popular wedding gifts. The wedding planner in Udaipur can come up with something unique to make the gift stand out from the others. So, the portraits can add charm to the home decor. The enchanting gift can make the couple feel special as the hand-drawn portrait is customized. Every couple like to get something that touches their heart. The portrait is one such gift that will strike a chord with the newlyweds.

  • Herbal Products: Including herbal products in your daily life will reduce the adverse effects on your body. it will also keep nature safe. So, the top wedding planners can suggest herbal spices or other products that the couple can use in their day-to-day life.

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The Indian wedding ceremonies encompass the rich tradition, togetherness, and love. The charming aura of the wedding makes everyone feel special. Therefore, get the help from the wedding planner in Udaipur to select the ideal gift that will make the couple feel special. Shower your blessing and love with the eco-friendly gift.

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